BDA - Confederation of German Employers' Associations
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The key function of the BDA, the Confederation of German Employers' Associations, is to represent employers' interests actively in the field of social policy. The BDA plays an active role in bodies at national, European and international level, in expert hearings, in the autonomous administration bodies of the social insurance institutions, as a coordinator and adviser in wage negotiations conducted by its member associations, and as a mediator in public conflict. In this capacity, it holds great responsibility for the common good, which rules out a one-sided representation of interests.

The BDA serves as a point of contact for its members, the general public, and the upper and lower houses of the German parliament, in all issues of social and wages policy, employment law, the labour market, education, and personnel and social policy, both in Germany and at European and international level. The BDA supports businesses and industry associations with initiatives, recommendations and position statements on topical and fundamental issues of education policy. It is actively involved on behalf of businesses in the political decision-making process.

Through the KWB (the German Industry and Trade Advisory Board for Vocational Education), the central industry associations co-ordinate their positions on education policy and the reclassification of occupations. A direct manifestation of work on education policy conducted by the employers' associations are the business education groups, which are united in their federation, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Bildungswerke der Deutschen Wirtschaft e.V. (ADBW). The BDA is among the bodies supporting the ADBW. In the "SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT" (school-business) network, which also enjoys the BDA's support, the quality of schools is defined in terms of the scope for realisation of pupils' potential, the communication of core skills, and the safeguarding of young people's fitness for employment. The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT network has been been promoting initial and further teacher training since 1993.

The BDA represents the interests of employers in the ENETOSH project, and is the liaison point to UNICE.


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