European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
Bilbao, Spain
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The mission of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work is to make workplaces in Europe safer, healthier and more productive. The European Agency acts as a catalyst for the creation, collection, analysis and dissemination of information which contributes to the enhancement of health and safety at work in Europe. The Agency is an EU institution comprising three elements, bringing together representatives from three main groups of decision-makers in each EU member state: governments, and employers' and employees' organisations. The Agency is situated in Bilbao, Spain.

Since 2002, the Agency has been conducting a project to mainstream occupational safety and health into training. Milestones of this project are the Declaration of Rome on Mainstreaming OSH into Education and Training, which was passed in October 2003 under the Italian Presidency, and publication of a report of compiled examples of good practice throughout Europe for the integration of occupational safety and health into pre-school, school and vocational education (May 2004). In June 2004, the Agency's team of specialists addressing the subject met for the second time, and at the end of their meeting called for the creation of a "European Network for the Mainstreaming of OSH into Education and Training".

The European Agency supports the project actively, besides providing sponsorship. This support includes the offer of technical support, access to the Agency's European Network, access to materials developed to date within the Agency's project, and commitment to the dissemination of the project results on its website. The Agency wishes to support the valorisation project directly through its European and international network.


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