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The DGB Bildungswerk acts as the national training institute of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). Its main target groups are works committees and other company actors. In addition we offer policital and trade union related further education for interested people.

DGB Bildungswerk was founded in 1974 as a non-profit educational organisation and enables the necessary knowledge and competences to employees them to support the processes of economic and social change.

With its more than 150 employees and more than 250 external experts and consultants as well as tutors the DGB Bildungswerk annually realizes more than 62,000 participant days p.a. in more than 600 (one-week) seminars, courses and conferences.

Its headquaters are located in Duesseldorf, furthermore DGB Bildungswerk runs training and conference centres near Munich, Essen and Hamburg. Its quality management system is being certified (DIN EN ISO 9001) since 1999.

Its main working fields are

  • labour and social law

  • business management, job organization and technics

  • social and communicative competences

  • labour safety and health protection

  • environmental management

  • migration

  • globalization and development cooperation

  • political education

  • union youth education

  • IT qualification

  • In cooperation with trade unions, European and international project partners we carry out union development and consultation projects, particularly in countries of East Europe and the so-called Third World. These projects are oriented to the trade union-political know-how transfer.


    DGB Bildungswerk e.V.
    executive director: Dietmar Hexel
    managing director: Dr. Dieter Eich

    Hans-Böckler-Straße 39
    40476 Düsseldorf

    Postfach 10 30 55 (post-office box)
    40021 Düsseldorf

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