Kindergarten / School
Ježkovy Voči
Primary Prevention of Children Injuries
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KIDMAP from Czech Republic is a voluntary group of experts at the children’s world, without legal personality. The mission of KIDMAP is to responsibly and regularly map and explore the life of contemporary children from 0 to 16, carefully prepared researches and discussions not only with children, but also with a variety of experts and teachers in cooperation with the universities and the public administration. KIDMAP decided to respond to the alarming numbers of child injuries by creating an own project on the primary children injury prevention - JežkovyVoči
Güven Usta
Master Trust
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Güven Usta ("Master Trust") is a comic character, designed and produced by Murat Çokal for the Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security. Originally designed for the 19th World Congress for Health and Safety, it will be used on the back cover of primary school textbooks in the academic year 2017, as well as on posters and in videos dealing with occupational safety and health.
In the next stage of the project, about 100 videos will be produced for the Ministry of Education. Güven Usta, closely linked to the "Safely Grow Turkey" slogan, is supposed to teach tomorrow's workers the principles of occupational safety and health, safe operation and consciousness of an employee today. Find some examples on the next page.
The ergonomic classroom
Helping to make a good and healthy school
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The design and furnishing of classrooms are important factors for successful learning and teaching and therefore also for the safety and health of schoolchildren and teaching staff.
The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and its member institutions support the concept of the „good and healthy school“. In close co-operation with the responsible German Social Accident Insurance Institutions for the public sector, two model classrooms, one in a secondary school in North Rhine-Westphalia, the other in a primary school in Saxony, were therefore each optimized with regard to the ergonomic aspects of room climate and room air quality, acoustics, lighting and colour, furniture and flooring.
A detailed evaluation was performed, comprising measurements prior to and following implementation of the redesign measures and surveys of the schoolchildren and the teachers. The evaluation showed that the ergonomic design of the classrooms was able to improve the working and learning conditions.
Ergonomic design therefore constitutes an essential element of a classroom that is conducive to learning and to good health. This element should be given the greatest possible consideration during the planning and construction of new school buildings and the redevelopment of older buildings.
“The safe school” and “The safe kindergarten”
Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia
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On this website, originally run by the Accident Insurance North Rhine-Westphalia, children, pupils and other visitors can click through a unique virtual model of a school or a kindergarten. Users can find out a lot about safety, risks and technical details.
The "Safe School" website is now rum by the German Accident Insurance DGUV. Both virtual models have several floors and show rooms inside and outside, the school shows corridors, classrooms and specials rooms for chemistry, biology and more. Even a natatorium and a gym can de visited.
The website also provides additional material and is fully interactive.
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Ar and Mi is a project from Denmark featuring two trolls, who are supposed to help teachers to teach about Safety and Health. Different types of practical materials are provided: an interactive website, Ar & Mi at school – a material set -, a game, three story books and a teacher’s guide.
AR and Mi on tour is a suitcase full of practical material. The material provided is for interdisciplinary teaching in the classroom and across classes. There is an opportunity for differentiation in the professional level. In the suitcase, there are books, a game and a material set, as well as a teacher's Guide.
Department of Education and Training website
NSW Government, Dep. Education and Communities
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This website offers a huge amount of different resources for students, parents, job seekers, employers, apprentices, trainees, and more.
Services include, amongst others, services for Schools, Technical and Further Education colleges, Aboriginal Communities, Children & Youth, about Grants and Funding, Sport, Venues & Events and Volunteering.
For exemple: the practical information for parents cover the child's key transitions from preschool through to high school and beyond. Information are provided about the time in the classroom - early childhood education and care, disability programs, preschool, starting school through to year 6, transition into high school, years 7 to 10 and years 11 to 12 and beyond. Furthermore, the services cover information on activities outside of school, such as sports, volunteering, and more.
Services for all target groups offer a wide range of information and further links to resources such as social media, websites, blogs, and more.
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Napo for Teachers
Introducing safety and health in education: Study resources for teachers
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Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium has devised a series of occupational safety and health (OSH) education toolkits for teachers, aimed at introducing health and safety topics to primary school children in an educational, yet fun and imaginative way using the Napo clips and creative activities.
Each study pack outlines the key messages and learning objectives, offering teachers full details on suggested activity ideas and the resources required, alongside a sample lesson plan that can be readily incorporated into a typical 40 minute lesson
KiVa Koulu
Anti- bullying campaign from Finland
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KiVa is a research-based antibullying program that has been developed in the University of Turku, Finland, with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The effectiveness of KiVa has been shown in a large randomized controlled trial. In Finland, KiVa is a sought-after program: 90 % of all comprehensive schools in the country are registered KiVa schools implementing the program.
The KiVa program involves both universal and indicated actions to prevent bullying and to tackle cases of bullying coming to attention.
The universal actions are targeted at all students in a school. They refer to efforts made to influence the group norms and to build capacity in all children to behave in constructive ways, to take responsibility for not encouraging bullying, and to support the victims.
The website is available in Suomi, Swedish, Dutch, English and French.
Molli und Walli
Road safety for children
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"Molli and Walli" is an interactive and animated website for kids, containing quizzes, puzzles, a Jump 'n' Run game and much information about road safety for children. The website is supposed to prevent accidents on the way to school and to teach children about road safety in a playful way. It was set up and is hosted by the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Hesse. It contains lots of useful information, brochures and links for parents as well.
The website is available in German and in Turkish.
Improve the mental health and wellbeing of children
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KidsMatteraims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children, reduce mental health problems amongst children, and achieve greater support for children experiencing mental health difficulties, and their families.
KidsMatter includes KidsMatter Early Childhood, designed for implementation in preschools and long day care; and KidsMatter Primary Schools, designed for implementation in Australian primary schools.
KidsMatter Early Childhood has been developed by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Ageing, beyondblue: the national depression initiative and the Australian Psychological Society and Early Childhood Australia.
Good healthy school
School development award
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The school development award „Good healthy school“ is an initiative of the Statutory accident insurance for the public sector In North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 2008, it is awarded annually to schools in Northrine-Wesrtphalia, that inetgrate health promotion and prevention into their quality development. The prize awards schools for their good work and promotes the dissemination of good healthy school practice. All general education schools and occupational schools in North Rhine-Westphalia can participate in the tender. Previously awarded schools are allowed to apply in a parallel procedure.
A comic character for safety and health
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Upsi is a comic character, created by the Accident Insurance Berlin to raise awareness for OSH topics in a playful way. Eight books and one radio play have been released until now, dealing with physical excercises, skin, fire, learning to swim and listening.
The books are supposed to be read to children aged 4 - 6 in kindergartens to give them information on the topics and raise their awareness in a playful way. The radio play can teach children how to concentrate on one single sound, how to listen.
In 2014, the Accident Insurance Berlin carried out an evaluation of the project - a video (in German) about the results is available here.
Every kindergarten in Berlin gets the books for free and can use them.
On the next page you will find more information on the books and the radio play.
Základní škola Hornoměcholupská
A School of the Third Millennium
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The school focuses on teaching foreign languages, information and communication technologies and healthy lifestyle. This year has 15 classes and more than 300 pupils. Since the school year 2007/2008 the school began to implement their own educational program Hornoměcholupská Elementary School - School of the Third Millennium ".
Everyday school activity and programme contains such activities that lead the pupils into positive changes of the attitude towards one another, the environment, to maintain good relations with people, to be able to solve the problems effectively and manage stress and the regime. The school considers a long-term priority to educate a man who grasps and understands the value of health and strives at health protection.
International internet portal
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The VISIONART and VISIONARIES-NET programs, supported by the European Commission, aim to create international and country-specific Internet portals on violence prevention in schools and to bring together persons engaged in violence prevention in school.
VISIONARY is a European collaborative project on school bullying and violence (SBV), addressing teachers, parents, professionals, pupils and others interested in the topic.
Partner counties are Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
The web portal aims to help all who search for background information on SBV, project descriptions, good practice, materials and other resources on SBV in the Internet. It also wants to support all who are interested in exchanging ideas and experiences with others on an International level. The main sections of the website are available in English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Danish and Finnish.
Children creating their own “Munching garden”
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The "Naschgarten" (Munching garden) at Holzminden is a local prevention project for more nature experience and living areas in the city to reduce adiposis in childhood. Children are supposed to be introduced to healthy nutrition, more physical excercises and creation of their own living environment in a playful way for promotion of activity and well-being of the children.
In the munching garden (Naschgarten) in the city centre of Holzminden, the children can put their own play- and garden-ideas into practice. They are involved in planning, gardening and harvest. The project addresses especially children of socially disadvantaged families.
Promotion of mental health through education
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Originally from Australia, MindMatters is a school based programme for the promotion of mental health in secondary schools (Grade 5 – 10). The German language adaptation was developed and pilot tested within a research project under the lead of Prof. Dr. Peter Paulus at the Leuphana University Lueneburg from 2002 to 2006.
MindMatters is a setting approach and aims at all persons involved in school such as pupils, school heads and non-teaching staff as well as at affiliated outside the school.
Pedagogic competencies in medicine, Medical competencies in education
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In the scope of this project by the University Hospital of Heidelberg, Department of Clinical Social Medicine, a web-based learning environment for schools has been developed. This learning environment called "In touch with health" puts a focus on the subjects of skin / skin diseases and sexuality / sexually transmittable diseases. It is designed for teenagers and multipliers who want to look into these subjects. The central question will be what everybody can do to protect their skin and to support their health. This learning platform is the result of the interdisciplinary "paedimed" project between medical and educational professionals and received financial support from the European Union.
The intention of the project is to enable the target groups to acquire competencies and attitudes which will help them to stay healthy.
National healthy school standard (NHSS)
Healthier Living and Learning
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The National Healthy Schools Programme is an long term initiative that helps young people and their schools to be healthy. The programme makes a difference to the health and achievement of young people in thousands of schools across England.
Healthy Schools help children and young people to reach their potential by building on a solid foundation of health to do better in learning and in life.
Choose Safety
Pilot project by the HSA
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The Irish Health and Safety Authority (HSA) launched a pilot project in post-primary schools in the south-east and west of the country in September 2007. ‘Choose Safety’ is a teaching and learning resource pack for post- junior certificate students. It is primarily aimed at transition year, leaving certificate applied and leaving certificate vocational programmes and those who are likely to engage in work experience. The ‘Choose Safety’ module consists of a students’ workbook, a teacher's guidebook and a DVD. The module is approximately a 20 hour programme and the lessons may be expanded or condensed to suit the timetable- arrangements in schools and the ability range of students.