Schools for Health in Europe
New Innovative Practice Book
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During the 2014 Schools for Health in Europe (SHE) Assembly meeting in Tallinn, Estonia, the SHE innovative practice book was presented: Equity, education and health: learning from practice.
The book consists of innovative practice stories on school health promotion which were collected at the 4th European HPS conference in Odense 2013 as part of the SHE 2014 workplan. The publication is supposed to support the practice-based evidence of health promoting school research in the European region.
The primary target audience for the book are the members of the SHE network. Health & education researchers, policy makers and practitioners with an interest in school health promotion are considered to be the secondary target audience.
The book is available as a hardcopy and in a digital version (PDF format) on the SHE website. The article about ENETOSH you will find on page 43 – 47.
New Network Members
From Greece, Spain and Colombia
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The ENETOSH network has grown again and has now 72 members from 31 countries worldwide. We have three new members: Theophilos Mantzanas Ph.D., as an individual member representing HellasCon, SA, Greece, Ivan Williams Jimenez, PhD Researcher at Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Spain, and XPLICAME Ltda, an education institute from Barranquilla, Colombia. CEO of XPLICAME is Martin Reichenauer, who also took over the role of an ENETOSH Ambassador for Colombia. More information and contact details in our member's area.
A new generation in health and safety
International Youth Congress
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In the scope of the XX World Congress in Frankfurt, the first International Youth Congress for Safety and Health at Work has been organized by the institution for statutory accident insurance and prevention in the wood and metal sector (BGHM) of the German Social Accident Insurance. 42 apprentices from different countries participated in the Youth Congress, talking, thinking, exchanging and developing ideas about safety and health at work. The outcome of the Youth Congress was immediately presented to the visitors of the Forum for Prevention and within a symposium at the XX World Congress.
Steve Horvath from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety writes in his blog article about the Youth Congress: "One of the most meaningful events organized at the triennial World Congress on Health and Safety was the establishment of the first International Youth Congress. It was my honour to be involved with such a valuable initiative and to have the opportunity to introduce these young participants to the World Congress at the symposium I co-chaired and helped organize."
For more information, pictures and videos of the Youth Congress, please go to the Blog of Steve Horwath at CCOHS, the website of DGUV "Jugend will sich erleben (Youth wants self-experience)" - mostly in German - and the documentation of the World Congress (about the symposium "Creating a safe and healthy learning and working environment" and the “Forum for prevention”).
Prevention awareness from an early age
ENETOSH symposium at the XX World Congress 2014
| Bild: | More than 100 people coming from different regions of the world joined the ENETOSH symposium in Frankfurt.
The symposium was about the role of education for the development of a culture of prevention. To establish an effective culture of prevention all areas must be involved, not only the world of work but also the educational system and society as a whole. How can we can join all forces, that was the subject of the symposium.
Divided into three working groups the audience set out into searching solutions.
| Bild: | The method was: Ask questions!
To learn more about the symposium please have a look into the video clip "Prevention awareness from an early age” at the video portal within the documentation of the XX World Congress.
Click here to take a look at the "Question Cards" from the symposium.
The whole documentation of the XX World Congress can be found on the congress website. All links open in a new browser window.
"Master International Occupational Safety and Health" program
Application phase for 2015 started at Ludwig –Maximilians-Universität, Munich
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The “Master International Occupational Safety and Health” has been developed by the Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine of the University LMU, as part of the Center for International Health (CIHLMU) and in close collaboration with professionals from universities in Latin America, as for instance the University Cayetano Heredia.
The main objective of the Master International Occupational Safety and Health is to train professionals in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). Therefore, the program offers tools for research and work in OSH, both in Latin American countries as well as at an international level.
The graduate program offers an international and interdisciplinary training in global OSH with focus on project-based learning. The Master's program is based on a blended learning concept, in order to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency. This blended learning concept involves a high ability of self-directed learning.
The application phase for the 4th cohort, starting in 2015, is open until the 15th of September 2014. For information and application, please visit the website of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich.
New Hot Topic
#14: Stress And Psychosocial Risks
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Not only in special branches like gastronomy, heavy industry or the pedagogical sector, but in all areas of work, work-related stress and psychosocial risks can be or become a serious problem.
In this 14th Hot Topic, we present examples of good practice dealing with this issue that are included in our database "Tool Box" or are presented in our "Good Practice" area.
ENETOSH is an official partner of the 2014 - 2015 campaign „Healthy Workplaces“ by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. The focus of this campaign is „Stress and Psychosocial Risks“. For more information on the EU-OSHA campaign and the topic itself, please visit the "Healthy Workplaces Campaign" website, for this Hot Topic (and the other ones as well), please choose "Hot Topics" from the main menu on the left.
New network member
from United Arab Emirates
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We are glad to welcome Asif Masiuddin as a new member to the ENETOSH network, which now consists of 68 members from 29 countries worldwide.
Asif Masiuddin works for Abu Dhabi Airports Co., in the capacity of Coordinator Technical Support with Engineering Department, Planning & Development. Abu Dhabi Airports was formed in 2006 to manage and operate Abu Dhabi International Airport, as well as Al Ain International Airport, Al Bateen Executive Airport, Sir Bani Yas Island Airport and Delma Island Airport, along with a group of companies with diversified activities that are essential to the growth of the aviation industry in the UAE. Of course, occupational safety and health and environmental issues play a big role in this field of business.
Asif Masiuddin joined the network mainly to promote quality in education and training in occupational safety and health and advance the process of mainstreaming OSH into education and training at national and international level.
For more information, please take a look at the partner's page in our members area and the Abu Dhabi Airports' website.
MLEARN Project
by Fondazione Mondo Digitale
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MLEARN - "Training teachers to use mobile (handheld) technologies within mainstream school education" is a project by Fondazione Mondo Digitale. MLEARN is a COMENIUS multilateral project that aims to introduce mobile technology (tablets) into schools. The project involves six partners in four countries: England, Greece, Italy and the Netherlands. MLEARN will reach at least 55 teachers across the partnership, teaching across 5 subject areas in 10 schools in each country (including primary, secondary and special), reaching at least 150 pupils in the pilot phase in each country. Technologies range from mobile phones to games consoles, low cost laptops to media players, social media platforms to media sharing networks and more, in a world, where learners are becoming more connected.
You will find all information on the project on the website of Fondazione Mondo Digitale.
A research report developed by the University of Lancaster - Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning - Department of Educational Research, in collaboration with the Fondazione Mondo Digitale and other partners has already been published on the website. The paper indicates that in general the four involved countries have a good experience in the use of technology (PCs, laptops, multimedia boards for didactics) and then turns to analyse the introduction of technology into schools.
Napo for Teachers
Evaluation by IES
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The Institute for Employment Studies (IES), UK, is currently conducting an impact evaluation of the Napo for Teachers initiative for EU-OSHA. The Institute was established in 1969 to be an independent, national centre of expertise on productivity, manpower planning and labour market change. The evaluation aims to gain an indication of how many users (teachers) Napo for Teachers reached and understand the factors that affected levels of take-up in different member states.
Napo For Teachers is a series of education toolkits for teachers, aimed at introducing health and safety topics to primary school children in an educational, yet fun and imaginative way using the Napo clips and creative activities. The toolkit has been developed by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium.
Find out more about Napo for teachers on the website, more about the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) here.
Accident prevention in Siberia
A tailor-made approach in workers training

| Bild: | Kuzbass interdisciplinary Centre for Occupational Safety (Kutbasscot) released a new video presentation on worker accident prevention, "A tailored approach to OSH training based on interactive training complex".
According to statistics competence of workers is the most important factor to prevent occupational accidents. The lack of protective equipment and the usage of unsafe tools can be left in the background. The competence in occupational safety is the workers' ability to work independently, observing the occupational safety requirements. This ability is based on personality traits, knowledge, skills, habits of work and the experience in occupational safety.
Kuzbasscot developed new methods of workers' training, making use of video, 3d models and interactive multimedia during the occupational safety trainings. The aim of the approach is to shape the habit of safe work, to inspire the workers and to build their confidence that their personal competence will increase their safety.
This video shows the basic approach, as well as examples of the interactive training.

The 31st ICOH Congress 2015
Call for Papers
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This triennial International Congress on Occupational Health will take place from May 31 til June 5, 2015, at COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea. It is organized by the International Commission on Occupational Safety and Health (ICOH), the Korean Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) and the Korean Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (KSOEM).
About 3000 participants from all fields of OSH will meet to share knowledge and cases to prevent occupational accidents and diseases, as well as to build mutual networks among safety and health experts around the world and strengthen cooperations and networking. OSH experts can participate as well as representatives from the education sector, like instructors, trainers, teachers, lecturers and university professors. Workers and their representatives, employers and their organizations, public and non-public organizations, manufacturers and importers of safety products, experts in communication and public relations, media representatives and journalists are all important as well, for widespread networking and to reach higher standards in the field of occupational safety and health all over the world. ENETOSH is invited to join the congress.
A call for papers is available on the conference website. The abstract submission ends by August 31, 2014.
Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2014 - 2015
ENETOSH official Partner
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The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has launched the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2014 - 2015 "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress".
The campaign focuses on stress and psychosocial risks. Tackling stress and psychosocial risks creates a healthy working environment, improves worker well-being and business performance. ENETOSH is an official campaign partner now and will focus on the growing problem of stress and psychosocial risks within the learning and working environment of educational institutions.
In addition the network will especially promote resources developed by EU-OSHA that can be used within the field of education and training on occupational safety and health. More information about the campaign on the official website:
„Together, we are Road Safety!“
New edition of the European Road Safety Charter
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The European Road Safety Charter (ERSC) has launched a new campaign: „Together, we are Road Safety!“ The new edition of the website contains lots of resources, materials and information on road safety, examples of good practice, road safety events, testimonials, and more.
The European Road Safety Charter is an invitation by the European Commission to take concrete actions, assess results and further heighten awareness about the need to reduce road accident fatalities. It offers European recognition to the associations that have signed up, and also makes the road safety actions they wish to carry out more visible on a European level.
The ERSC especially encourages members to develop initiatives targeting young people. Youth constitutes a key priority in the years to come, because road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among people under 24 years old. Initiatives are supposed to address different target groups, such as children from 0 - 11 years, Pre-Teens from 12 - 14, Adolescents from 15 - 17, or young adults. Age groups that have the highest percentage of pedestrian fatalities are children younger than 10 years (and adults aged 65 years or older).
„Together, we are Road Safety!“ longs to address these target groups with accurate education and training to help reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the road.
For examples of good practice dealing with road safety, please have a look at our "Hot Topic" (see main menu).
More information about the European Road Safety Charter and the campaign on the website:
ENETOSH Steering committee
ETUCE a new member
| Bild: | The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is a new member of the Steering committee of ENETOSH. The Steering committee consists of 10 members from 9 member countries of ENETOSH, eight European countries and the Republic of Korea. The members represent the government, the social partners and all levels of the education system. The Turkish Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) invited ENETOSH to hold the next meeting of the committee in Istanbul as a pre-event to the VII International Occupational Health and Safety: Conference Website.
ENETOSH by numbers
State of the Art
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The ENETOSH kickoff happened in October 2005, the project originally was scheduled for a 24 month runtime. Now, end of April 2014, the network is still working successfully and currently consists of 67 members from 28 countries. The database on the web platform contains 700 examples of good practice from 41 countries worldwide, the WHO IS WHO area shows contact profiles of 164 experts in education and training on OSH.
After its launch in 2006, the web platform immediately showed a very good acceptance. In 2008, the click rates had increased to a peak level and, during the following years, the number of clicks stabilized on a constant level (roundabout 26000 unique visitors per year) - had become a working platform. Taking a look at the numbers of 2013 and the current year 2014, we can see strongly increasing numbers again: From January to April 2014, an average of 30% more unique visitors than in the "peak year" 2008 visited the platform. The number of total visits (which indicates, that people do not only access the platform once, but several times per month) shows increasing rates of nearly 60%, comparing the first three months of 2014 to those of the year 2008.
All these numbers show, that the ENETOSH network and its web platform is well-known and acknowledged among experts in education and training on occupational safety and health all over the world.
More information, e.g. about the ENETOSH Ambassadors, the "Whole School Approach" working group or detailed web statistics, can be found in the multiple areas of this web platform.
Robert W. Campbell Award Panel of Reviewers
Three Nominations from the network
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The Robert W. Campbell Award (RWC) was established in 2004 and is supported by a network of 22 Global partners across five continents. ENETOSH is one of these partners, representing the European region together with the German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the raw materials and chemical industry (BGRCI). The Robert W. Campbell Award recognizes organizations that achieve excellence through the integration of environmental, health and safety (EHS) management in business operations.
The Robert W. Campbell Award is named after the first President of the National Safety Council, and is awarded once a year. The rigorous Robert W. Campbell Award review process ensures not only that a worthy winner is named each year, but that all organizations applying for the Award receive insightful and meaningful feedback on their organization's EHS management system.
The International Panel of Reviewers consists of renowned experts and leaders in the business, education, safety, health and environmental fields and is nominated by the Global Partners.
This year, three experts have been nominated for the Panel of Reviewers by ENETOSH: Neal Stone, Policy and Communications Director of the British Safety Council (BSC), Alan Cowen, Director of Health and Safety at the University of Brighton and Prof Alfredo Soeiro, University of Porto, Department of Civil Engineering.
For more information on the award and the review process, please visit the website of the Robert W. Campbell Award.
New network member
from the Russian Federation
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Based on a long-standing cooperation and mutual trust the All—Russia Institute for Occupational Safety and Labour Economics (VCOT) has joined ENETOSH as an official member now.
The motto of the Institute is "Self-Reliance, Professionalism, Responsibility". It is a dynamic research organization dedicated to scientific development and implementation of the main guidelines of State policy in the field of environment, safety and the economy, as well as prevention and reduction of industrial injuries and occupational diseases in enterprises of all economic activities. Furthermore, the Institute longs to improve the social security system by creation and implementation of measures to reduce occupational risks.
The All-Russia Institute for Occupational Safety and Labour Economics (VCOT) carries out systematic training, organizes and conducts training and workshops of various kinds. The training program offers modern practice-oriented seminars developed by leading specialists and experts. The training seminars are practical exercises to consolidate the acquired knowledge, develop skills and master the ways of solution of certain applied tasks.
More information on the website of the institute (in Russian language).
New Network Member
From Albania
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We are glad to welcome a new member to the ENETOSH network.
The Albanian Occupational safety and Health Centre (AOSHC) is acting in the field of occupational safety and health based on the Albanian legislation. The center works to promote a preventive culture in the field of occupational safety and health, in order to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases.
In accordance with its statute, AOSHC undertakes theoretical analysis and empirical researches on national and regional level and beyond. The center provides trainings, qualifications and certifications for occupational safety and health experts, as well as training on occupational safety and health issues for OSH administrators, staff members on enterprises level, in employers organizations, trade unions, for pedagogical staff of schools and universities, for pupils and students, and more.
More information on AOSHC and contact details in our member's area and on the upcoming website of the center.
Public consultation on a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”
by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education and Culture
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This consultation by the Directorate General for Education and Culture of the European Commission is supposed to collect the views of stakeholders on the problems faced by learners and workers with regard to the transparency and recognition of their skills and qualifications when moving within and between EU Member States, on the adequacy of the related European policies and instruments and on the potential benefits of developing a “European Area of Skills and Qualifications”.
The Directorate prepared an online questionnaire. All stakeholders and individuals are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are particularly sought from stakeholders interested in or affected by policies and tools on recognition and transparency of skills and qualifications, including learners and workers, governmental bodies, education and training institutions, employers, federations of employers, trade unions, public and private employment services, chambers of industry, commerce and skilled crafts, qualification authorities, guidance services, youth and youth work organisations, voluntary sector organisations, experts.
More information on the website of the Directorate General for Education and Culture. To access the online questionnaire directly, please click here.
New Student WorkSafe resource package
By WorkSafe BC, Canada
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The successful program "Student WorkSafe" by Worksafe BC has been updated and expanded, with new features to meet a variety of educational needs.
The "Student WorkSafe 10-12 resource package" consists of three instructional modules and support materials for teachers to deliver learning activities in a wide range of education settings, a learning guide for students working on their own as part of a self-directed learning plan or distance education course. Furthermore, a student resource page is available, which contains worksheets, online resources, and links to print and video materials to support the various activities in both the Teacher Guide and the Independent Learning Guide. Finally, a Workplace Safety Knowledge Test for summarative assessment of student learning and a Workplace Safety Certificate that students can use as evidence of learning for school or workplace purposes are part of the resource package.
All information and resources are available on the WorkSafe BC website.
Accident prevention
Our Hot Topic #13
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We have a new "Hot Topic" online. It is our #13: "Accident Prevention".
The basic task of safety and health education is the prevention of accidents. This can be done by raising awareness for physical and psychosocial risks and hazards, teaching workers about safety signs, safe and healthy behavior or protective equipment, and more.
Not only in the construction industry, but in many other occupational fields as well, accident prevention is essential. The ideal target is, of course, “Vision Zero” – no severe accidents at work and at home any more.
Hot Topics are a collection of good practice examples - all of them are as well included in our TOOLBOX, some presented in the GOOD PRACTICE area. These collections are supposed to put a spotlight on a special topic. Take a look at this and all our other Hot Topics by clicking the link in the main menu on the left.
New network member
Centre for Applied Health Sciences, Germany
| Bild: | We are glad to welcome the Centre for Applied Health Sciences (Zentrum für angewandte Gesundheitswissenschaften ZAG) of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany, as a new member to our network.
As the central institution of the Leuphana University, the ZAG has been promoting the interdisciplinary collaboration in health sciences since 1992. It is divided into four sections: Education & Health, Economy, Management & Health, Environment, Sustainability & Health and Social Medicine, Health Sociology & Care Research.
For more information on the new network member, please choose Membership > Member from the main menu and then choose Germany.
Please click here for the ZAG website.
New network member
Croatian health insurance fund
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We are glad to welcome another new member to our network, which now consists of 64 members from 28 countries.
The new member Croatian Health Insurance Fund as national insurer in the field of occupational health provides medical care and financial compensations in cases of occupational injuries and occupational diseases, as well as measures for their prevention, which include also educational programs, in order to achieve the standards of a healthy workplace.
To get more information, please visit the partner's page under Membership > Member (choose Croatia) or visit the Croatian Health Insurance's website.
Ten Key messages
For a better quality of education
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The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) discussed and adopted Ten Key Messages for a better quality of education on 23 October 2013 in Brussels. The key messages on “What is needed to improve the Quality of Education in Europe?” were formulated in light of the worldwide EU initiative "Unite for Quality Education - Better Quality Education for a Better World".
ETUCE clearly identified the need for further work on the impact of the crisis on teachers’ working conditions and salaries, grounding quality education on the three pillars: Quality Teaching, Quality Tools for Teaching and Learning and Quality Environments for Teaching and Learning.
Susan Flocken, Coordinator of Internal Policy on Occupational Health & Safety at ETUCE, presented the key messages at the ENETOSH network meeting in the scope of A+A in Düsseldorf on 7 November. The participants of the meeting agreed on the importance of these key messages.
Please click here to find the Ten Key Messages in English and 13 other languages on the ETUCE webpage and here for the global campaign website.
A new network member
From the Slovak Republic
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We are glad to welcome the Technical University of Košice, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Institute of Safety, Quality and Environmental Science, Department of Safety and Quality as a new member to the ENETOSH network.
The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was established as one of first faculties of the Technical University of Košice. The Department of Safety and Quality production was formed in the frame of the Department of Transport Equipments and Logistics and was established in 2001. The Department is part of the Institute of Safety, Quality and Environmental Science.
For more information, please choose Membership/Member in our main menu on the left, then Slovak Republic. For the website of the faculty, please click here.
Visitor's survey
Results are online now
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In early 2013, visitors of and members of the network were asked to participate in a survey on the quality of the web platform. The results of this survey - a PDF file with graphic charts - can be accessed now on this platform.
Please choose "webstatistics" in the main menu on the left.
Structure of the European education systems
New publication by Eurydice
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The Eurydice Network, co-ordinated and managed by the EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in Brussels, provides information on and analyses of European education systems and policies. Eurydice now released a new publication: "The Structure of the European education systems 2013/2014: schematic diagrams".
The diagrams show what mainstream schooling looks like in 33 European countries and how different levels of education, from pre-primary to tertiary, are broken down. The diagrams also indicate the general ages of students and the programme duration for each level. Names of national institutions and study programmes are listed in the language of each country. The Eurydice publication covers 39 education systems in the 28 EU Member States, the EFTA countries (Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) as well as the candidate countries (Iceland and Turkey).
More information on the Eurydice website. The publication (PDF file) can be accessed directly here.
Postgraduate interdisciplinary Diploma in Work+Health
In Lausanne and Zurich
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The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work + Health is a joint program of the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne. Based on 20 years of training experience in the field, the DAS offers a firm theoretical understanding and profound practical skills in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene and Organizational Health Development.
From spring semester 2014, a new interdisciplinary postgraduate program DAS Work+Health will be offered. The English speaking lectures will be held in Lausanne and Zurich, Switzerland, excursions may take place all over in Switzerland.
Students with various professional and educational backgrounds will get the opportunity to learn and work together. The study program concludes in a project work, where the students proof their acquired skills and knowledge in working independently in small interdisciplinary groups on real work+health projects. Target group: People interested in the field of work and health with an academic background in medicine, natural or social sciences, as well as headteachers of schools and safety experts at universities. The course is open to everyone in or outside Switzerland meeting the admission criteria.
Further information on
Napo resources for Teachers
now available in 18 languages
| Bild: |
Using the ever-popular Napo character, EU-OSHA, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, together with the Napo Consortium has devised a series of occupational safety and health (OSH) education toolkits for teachers, aimed at introducing health and safety topics to primary school children in an educational, yet fun and imaginative way using the Napo clips and creative activities.
The material is suitable for target ages 7-9 years and 9-11 years and has successfully been tested and implemented in practical school lessons, for instance by the ENETOSH members in Denmark.
Each study pack outlines the key messages and learning objectives, offering teachers full details on suggested activity ideas and the resources required, alongside a sample lesson plan that can be readily incorporated into a typical 40 minute lesson.
More information and access to the material, such as lesson plans, videos, and more, on the NAPO Website.
European Voices for Active Aging (EVAA)
A project by world café europe
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Over the next 50 years, the number of well-educated, experienced and engaged older adult Europeans will double. Their path of a life which embraces active ageing will profoundly impact European society, governmental policy-making and business opportunities for decades to come.
The European Voices for Active Ageing (EVAA) project was envisioned to foster a sense of community and promote pan-European thinking about active ageing. A series of six participatory dialogues was held by and for older adults. In cooperation with its EVAA partners, the European Voices for Active Ageing project created a forum for intercultural and participatory dialogues for these adults aged 50+ to 95. The dialogues fostered a new culture of conversation and empowered the participants to discover their creative and innovative spirit. This approach and dialogue format enabled individuals to exchange their views and discover new approaches to addressing the key issues of active ageing.
A central element of the European Voices for Active Ageing project concept was to actively involve older adults in both the conceptual development and hosting of the Thematic Cafés. By involving older adults in the planning process in this way, opportunities for both personal leadership development and life-long learning were created.
For more information on the project and reports, photos and press releases in English, German and French, please click here.
More information on World Café Europe on the website.
OSH training in Denmark, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany
A survey report by EUROGIP
| Bild: |
The results of a survey on the provision of vocational training in occupational safety and health in Germany, Denmark, Italy and the United Kingdom have been published by EUROGIP.
The aim was to find out how the provision of OSH training is organised for companies - except initial training. The objective was to identify the actors providing ongoing (re-) training and particularly mechanisms guaranteeing quality standards and compliance of educational content with regulatory requirements. This research shows that vocational training in occupational safety and health is organised differently according to the countries. In Denmark, it is not part of the missions of the accident insurance institutions and it is outsourced to external private providers. In Italy and in the United Kingdom, it is decentralised. In Germany, it is institutional because it is a legal obligation of the accident insurance institutions. Even if OSH training is organised differently according to the countries, all of them have one element in common: the determination to better control and structure training in order to ensure its quality.
The report (in French only) can be viewed and/or downloaded here.
Health and safety at work
Commission opens public consultation on future EU policy framework
| Bild: |
The European Commission has launched a public consultation to gather insights and contributions from the public further to results of the evaluation of the European Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2007-2012. This should help identify current and future challenges in the occupational safety and health area, and identify solutions to address these challenges. All citizens and organisations are welcome to contribute to this consultation, which will be open until 26 August 2013.
Watch the video here, submit your contribution through the online questionnaire here.
New network member
From Serbia
| Bild: | We are glad to welcome a new partner to our network, which now consists of 61 members from 28 countries.
The Department of Environmental Engineering and Occupational Safety of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, is one of the most recent departments at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University and was established in 1999. There are two programmes of studies at the Department: Environmental Engineering, with 11 generations enrolled so far, and Occupational Health and Safety, with the first generation of students enrolled.
More information on the department's website.
For contact information on the new network member, please choose "Membership" from the main menu and then choose Serbia.
Welcome croatia
as a new member of the european union
| Bild: |
Institutions from Croatia have been playing a strong role in the ENETOSH Network since 2011. The University College of Applied Sciences in Safety, Zagreb, is member of the network and hosted and organized the SEE Kickoff Meeting in Zagreb in 2012.
Davorin Kacian, Headmaster of the Centre for Electronic Education of the University College is currently the chair of the ENETOSH Steering Committee.
And now, finally, Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union. Congratulations!
whole-school approach to OSH and education
New EU-OSHA report
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A Whole-School Approach to OSH integrates risk education and school safety and health management throughout the school’s activities and the way it functions, making them part of school life. It also actively involves staff and pupils in school safety management. The approach improves both risk education and the learning environment for staff and pupils. This report that presents and analyses in-depth cases focused on implementing the whole-school approach.
The report also discusses the inclusion of risk education and school safety management in a broader ‘combined’ whole-school approach which covers topics such as health education and promotion, the prevention of violence and bullying to staff and pupils, and sustainable development and environmental issues.
You can read the whole report here.
Learn more on the Whole School Approach in our special area on this topic.
Accredited Online College Degree Programs
An open access resource in the U.S.
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The open-access database "Accredited Online College Degree Programs" is part of the website "Accredited Online Colleges", which is a database for accredited colleges and universities in the whole United States. This special resource is meant to promote Degree Program Accreditation for skilled workers and service employees. This includes Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, the Police, Entrepreneurs, and their respective organizations. The database allows to search for program-specific education and accreditation information for universities.
In addition to accreditation for a whole institution, such as regional accreditation, accreditation for a specific degree program or department, often called programmatic accreditation, is particularly important for certain fields of study (such as Occupational Safety and/or Health), and some schools may lack programmatic accreditation for these fields even if the school as a whole is accredited.
Many governmental agencies, such as many US Embassies throughout the world, public high schools, and libraries, have already referenced the resource as a go-to site for people looking to further their education.
More information on the website.
Master program "International Occupational Safety and Health"
Ludwig- Maximilians Universität, Munich
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The “Master of International Occupational Safety and Health” was established by the Center for International Health (CIH) of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) together with partners from Latin America.
In the course of co-operations with partner universities from Latin America and contact with participants of summer schools in Germany and in Latin America, a strong need for a Master’s degree in Occupational Safety and Health in Latin America had been identified.
XX World Congress for Safety and Health at Work 2014
ENETOSH symposium
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At the XX World Congress for Safety and Health at Work 2014 - Global Forum for Prevention, 24-27 August 2014, Frankfurt/Germany, ENETOSH will be the responsible organizer of the symposium "Creating a safe and healthy learning and working environment" together with the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) and other partners. Please save the date in your calendar!
The first announcement of the congress (PDF file) you will find here, the congress website here.
Mainstreaming OSH Into Education: Towards A Culture Of Prevention
Report from the Joint Workshop At The ILO Training Centre, Turin
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From November 6-8, 2012 the ENETOSH network, the EU-OSHA Agency, the International Labour Association (ILO), the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of America (NIOSH) organized a workshop about integrating safety and health into education at the ILO Training Centre in Turin. 51 colleagues from 27 countries took part.
To read the documentation (featuring the program, a comprehensive report, all presentations, and a picture gallery), please click here.
Movement towards a European Education Trust
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MEET, the Movement towards a European Education Trust, submitted a European Citizens Initiative using new powers under the EU’s Lisbon Treaty which give citizens the right to demand new laws directly from the European Commission – provided they can gather enough signatures.
The MEET proposal is the eighth officially registered European Citizens’ Initiative. It calls for the creation of an Education platform to stimulate debate on how to improve schools and boost the European dimension of education in line with the EU’s 2020 strategy.
Please click here to see the petition and to sign in (click "Support" at the bottom of the page) and here to see details of this initiative on the website of the European Commission.
Here you can enter the MEET website.
Eusafe Project Outline Document Survey
Stakeholdes and experts are kindly asked to participate
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The EUSAFE project longs to develop a new professional qualification and training framework based on the already existing certification standards. The project makes use of the instruments created at EU level (ECVET and EQF) and the two voluntary certification standards (EurOSHM and EurOSHT), developed by the European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO). The outcome will be a suitable range of standardized profiles (expected at EQF levels 4, 5 and 6) to cover the different levels of qualifications and roles of OSH professionals.
The Eusafe Project is constituted by seven WPs, such as WP3 (State of the art evaluation and collaboration with institutions responsible for validation) and WP5 (Development of professional qualification and training framework).
Now, in the scope of the project evaluation, a new Eusafe Project Outline Document Survey is available on the website. Project stakeholders, as well as experts such as policy makers, professionals and training/educational organizations are asked to participate in this survey to have a general opinion on the Eusafe Project outcomes and their usefulness and applicability in Europe for key stakeholder groups. The general survey can be accessed here, three more surveys (WP3, WP5.1 for technicians and WP5.2 for managers) are available on the EUSAFE website.
Memorandum of Understanding
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In the scope of the 14th ENETOSH Network Meeting in Turin, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the National Association of Organizations in Occupational Safety and Health of the Russian Federation (NAOOSH) on the 5th November 2012. The document was signed by Dmitry N. Platygin (chairman of NAOOSH) and Dr. Ulrike Bollmann (coordinator of ENETOSH).
The aim of the memorandum is to establish relations between the two organizations with a view of strengthening and extending cooperation between the Russian Federation and European Union's countries in the sphere of education and training in occupational safety and health.
| Bild: | Please read the full text of the memorandum here.
The website of the National Association of Organizations in Occupational Safety and Health of the Russian Federation (NAOOSH) can be found here.
New members in our network
University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Medical Faculty (FYR Macedonia) and Foundation "Center for safety & health at work" (Bulgaria)
We are glad to welcome two new partners to our network which now consists of 61 members from 27 countries.
| Bild: | The Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje is the first state University in the Republic  of Macedonia, founded in 1949, initially with three faculties: the Faculty of Philosophy, the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. At the moment, the University represents a functional community of 23 faculties, 5 research institutes and 11 accompanying members. Its activities are stipulated by the Law on Higher Education and the Statute of the University.

| Bild: | The Foundation "Center for Safety and Health at Work" was officially registered in 2011, but actually started its operations in 2004 with a first seminar on OSH professionals in Plovdiv. The need for the existence of a non-governmental organization to unite and support the activities of specialists in occupational safety and health initiated the creation of the TSBZR Foundation. The Foundations longs to unite and support the activities of specialists in occupational safety and health, work for the promotion of the profession "specialist health and safety at work", and more.
For more information, please take a look at the partner's pages (Macedonia or Bulgaria) here on To get there, click the map on the top right of this page.
From school to work, your videos
A competition for students of vocational schools and CFA launched by INRS
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INRS is organizing "Health and Safety at Work: From school to work, your videos," for students in vocational schools and apprentices. The objective of this competition is to educate young people of the risks they are exposed to in their first steps into the professional world (probationary periods or weekend jobs). The deadline for submitting projects is Friday 19th April 2013.
This competition is free and open to any group of students and apprentices preparing a diploma of vocational education in France under the responsibility of a teacher. The jury of professionals prevention, education, and a journalist will award three prizes. Winners will be notified in early May 2013 and invited to attend the awards which will be held May 31 in the premises of the INRS, 65 Boulevard Richard Lenoir, Paris XI.
Enrollment is via a dedicated page of a Dailymotion site, which can be accessed here.
Mainstreaming OSH into Education: Towards a Culture of Prevention
A joint workshop organized by ENETOSH, EU-OSHA, ILO, ISSA, and NIOSH
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A workshop on mainstreaming occupational safety and health concepts into schools and training institutions will be held 6-8 November 2012 at the ILO International Training Centre in Turin, Italy. ENETOSH will hold its regular network meeting at the ILO/ITC just prior to the workshop (on 5 November) enabling members to participate in both activities.
The workshop is jointly organized by ENETOSH, EU-OSHA, ILO, ISSA, NIOSH, and WHO.
A website has been set up, offering further information and the possibility of registration for the network meeting as well as for the workshop. Please click here for the website.
Strategies for training teachers to deliver risk education
New Factsheet by EU-OSHA
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This factsheet is based on a report presenting cases which involve training in-service and future teachers in either occupational safety and health (OSH) or in delivering risk education. Ideally, all teachers should receive training about OSH in their working lives and how to incorporate risk education into their daily work. If getting risk education properly embedded in the school curriculum is challenging, then it is even more difficult to get it into training programmes for future teachers. However, the cases present various approaches and methods that could be considered or elaborated upon.
The factsheet can be downloaded here.
Speak Up, Stay Safe
New website and online Game
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British Safety Council’s Speak Up, Stay Safe campaign aims to put young people and confident communication at the heart of good health and safety. In equipping young people with information and real-life examples, they will be better placed to raise health and safety concerns and contribute to how risks in the workplace are managed. The campaign targets those between 14-25 years old, and employers who work with young people.
To reach the target group, the project uses all kinds of new media. A new website has been launched, offering lots of information for young people and employers, the campaign can be "liked" on Facebook and "followed" on Twitter, and now an online game called "The Missing" is available, as a browser game and as mobile apps for iPhone and Android users as well.
Please click here for the website, the game and links to the apps.
ERSC Contest 2012
Be a Road Safety Blogger
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This competition by the European Road Safety Charter ERSC addresses young people in Europe between the ages 18 and 29. Participants are supposed to become a road saftey blogger and might win a one-month internship in Barcelona.
The ERSCharter Contest invites young Europeans to create a message that will motivate youth to act in order to improve their safety on the roads. All the participants have to do is to publish a blog in the ERSCharter website with their text. A photo or a video can be added to support the message.
Guidelines and more information at:
You can also find the ERSC on Facebook or follow it on Twitter.
Videos on OSH
New area on this platform
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We have a new area on this web platform: Videos. On this page, we present a collection of resources that are using videoclips or films dealing with occupational safety and health. For each example, we provide the link to the original resource, to give you an overview of the wide range of films from all over the world. We suppose that this type of educational materials will grow in the future! To access the new area, please click the menu item in the main menu on the left side of this page.
Training teachers to deliver risk education
New report by EU-OSHA
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The new report "Training teachers to deliver risk education – Examples of mainstreaming OSH into teacher training programmes" presents cases which involve training in-service and future teachers in either occupational safety and health (OSH) or in delivering risk education. Ideally, all teachers should receive training about OSH in their working lives and how to incorporate risk education into their daily work. If getting risk education properly embedded in the school curriculum is challenging, then it is even more difficult to get it into training programmes for future teachers. However, the cases present various approaches and methods that could be considered or elaborated upon.
Furthermore, a factsheet "Factsheet 103 - Strategies for training teachers to deliver risk education", based on this report, is available.
Read the report here, the factsheet here.
Healthy Workplaces Campaign
Working together for risk prevention
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ENETOSH is an official partner of this campaign of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. On 18. June, the Agency announced the first wave of official European campaign partners of its Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-2013, ‘Working together for risk prevention’. Among the 57 campaign partners is a wide range of organisations, including European social partners, both interprofessional and sectoral, multinational companies such as Pirelli for example, and non-profit, pan-European organisations representing different sectors, such as the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).
The campaign theme for 2012-2013, ‘Working together for risk prevention’ through leadership and participation is highly valued by the organisations chosen to be campaign partners. The campaign encourages managers, workers, representatives and other stakeholders to work together to manage risks in the workplace. Many companies cited a belief that safe and healthy workplaces are integral to continued economic success and sustainable futures, and the willingness to bring these topics to the forefront of their company strategy to be able to better tackle them.
For the campaign website please click here, for the ENETOSH partner's profile here.
Here you can watch the Working Together for Risk Prevention video on YouTube.
New network members
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (Ukraine) and David Gold, Gold-Knecht Associates
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We are glad to welcome two new partners to our network which now has 59 members from 26 countries.
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, represented by Prof. Konstantin Nemchenko, with its over 200-year history is a leading Research and Educational Institution in Ukraine.
In the “Top-200 Ukraine” rating conducted by the UNESCO Chair for 2009 Kharkiv University ranks third among all Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions. According to Scopus, the world’s largest abstract and citation database, the University holds the third position among Ukrainian Research and Educational Institutions by the number of articles published in the leading international scientific publications.

| Bild: | Dr. David Gold (Gold-Knecht Associates, Switzerland), a Swiss/American national, provides expertise in developing and implementing: organizational safety and health policy; programmes in addressing stress and related issues at work; wellness programmes; training and educational programmes including the training of trainers; as well as safety and health promotion and advocacy programmes. Dr. Gold joins ENETOSH as an individual member.
To learn more, please go to our member's area and choose "Ukraine" or "Switzerland".
ENETOSH Ambassadors
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On the 17. April 2012, 9 out of 17 ENETOSH Ambassadors received their certificates in Zagreb. This ceremony was part of the SEE Kickoff meeting at the European House. On the photo you can see (from left to right): Susanne Ulk (Denmark), Lidmila Kleinova (Czech Republic), Paul Gordon (UK), Davorin Kacian (Croatia), Janis Ievins (Latvia), Frosina Gjino (Albania), Ulrike Craes (Germany), Nikola Georgiev (F.Y.R. Macedonia) and Rana Güven (Turkey).
The ENETOSH Ambassadors are the national contact points of the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health for individuals and institutions who would like to know more about the network or want to get in touch with ENETOSH. They are supposed to be native speakers. As official representatives of the network they are authorized to promote ENETOSH in the scope of especially national but also international events.
To learn more, please click "Ambassadors" in the main menu on the left side of this page.
New Hot Topic online
#12: Teacher Training

| Bild: | We have a new Hot Topic on this web platform, which is a collection of good practice examples dealing with a certain topic - in this case: "Teacher Training". For the health and safety of our children, the training of teachers is of essential importance. Education at school has lots of boundary points with issues of safety and health: healthy food, environment protection and physical education as well as road safety, safety at school and at work, and, last but not least, violence prevention.
The projects listed in this Hot Topic are of different kinds: courses, training materials, campaigns - in the scope of the university studies of teachers as well as in the scope of their work at school or as independent learning resources such as e-learning platforms. To have a look at this collection (and maybe on the other 11 Hot Topics), please click "Hot Topics" in the main menu on the left side of this page.

Healthy Design, Creative Safety
New report by HSE
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The new report "Healthy Design, Creative Safety - Approaches to health and safety teaching and learning in undergraduate schools of architecture" was prepared by the University of Sheffield
for the Health and Safety Executive and the Royal Institute of British Architects. In January 2010, the HSE and RIBA commissioned a team from the University of Sheffield to undertake a research project into the teaching of health and safety in undergraduate schools of Architecture in the UK. The need for the research was recognized by previous studies into ‘identification and management of risk in undergraduate construction courses’ [2001 and 2004] which highlighted the need for schools of architecture to have a more consistent and integrated approach to the teaching of health and safety. More recently in 2009, a project looking at ‘Integrating risk concepts into undergraduate engineering courses’ provided a precedent for individual higher education courses to embed health and safety into their core activities in innovative ways. In ‘One Death is too Many’ [2009] one of the key recommendations is a review of health and safety teaching in construction industry courses at Higher Education, suggesting that graduates do not have the knowledge of health and safety issues to play their role in reducing construction deaths. It is on this foundation that the Healthy Design, Creative Safety work is built.
To read the whole report, please click here for the HSE website.
To get the ball rolling
ENETOSH SEE kick-off in Zagreb
| Bild: | Croatia will be the 28th Member State of the European Union from 1 July 2013 on. Serbia received the candidate status beginning of March. Maybe that was the right moment for ENETOSH to inviting the South Eastern European Countries (SEE) to reflect on the importance of education and training on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) for the development of a culture of prevention. The event was hosted by the University College of Applied Sciences in Safety in the Europe House Zagreb and took place on the 17 April 2012. The meeting was supported by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).
47 representatives from 21 countries discussed on how “to get the ball rolling” for education and training on OSH in their home country.
ENETOSH Steering Committee
Inaugural meeting in Zagreb
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ENETOSH has a “spearhead” now. On 16 April 2012 there took place the inaugural meeting of the ENETOSH Steering Committee in Zagreb, Croatia. The Steering Committee consists of eight ENETOSH members. Davorin Kacian from the University College of Applied Sciences in Safety, Croatia, was elected as the coordinator of this committee for a time period of two years. The Steering Committee will push the activities of all ENETOSH members and will take a common responsibility for the future work of ENETOSH.
Promoting Safety and Health in Green Economy
World Day for Safety and Health at Work
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The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association once again commemorated the 28th of April, the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, with the motto “Promoting Safety and Health in Green Economy”. This year for the first time, the event was not in Skopje, but in “Dom na kulturata”, Bitola.
The event was attended by several representatives from Macedonia as well as guests from Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Kosovo and Monte Negro.
Nikola Georgiev, the ENETOSH Ambassador for Macedonia, had his own presentation in the scope of this event, where he had the chance to introduce the ENETOSH network and its work to the attendants and give a report of the SEE Kickoff Meeting at Zagreb in April.

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Code of practice of AEIP
OHS Induction training scheme for the building and construction industry
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The European Association of Paritarian Institutions (AEIP), whose 25 members and 29 affiliates are coming from 19 European countries, released a “Code of Practice: OHS induction training scheme for the building and construction industry”.
It is the intention to improve the safety on construction sites and to simplify procedures with regard to subcontracting and mobility of workers. Essentially performing a dual function, the code of practice not only promotes the free movement of workers within the Internal Market, but also guarantees a higher level of safety awareness to EU construction workers. This code of practice is a voluntary commitment of the construction sector to solve the problem of unacceptable accident rates so as to avoid legislation.
The code of practice aims to raise the standard of safety awareness in the Construction Industry, ensure that site personnel undergo basic OHS awareness training with the view to improve prevention of accidents and avoidance of health hazards and to provide all participants with a certificate which indicate that the holder has attended a basic course in health and safety.
The benefits to employers are: an improved safety culture and employee morale, a reduction in accidents and lost time due to accidents and an identification of personal with basic OHS training. The benefits to employees are: an improved safety and health awareness, recognition of OHS training, personal development and improved employment prospects.
Please click here for the AEIS website and the report.
Newsletter No 10
Ready for download
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The ENETOSH Newsletter No. 10 is now available. In this edition, you will find articles about the PRAISE project, Health and Safety Education in Malta, The SIFA Network Thuringia (Germany), the ENETOSH workshop at A+A, Social Networking and OSH, and more.
Just click the portlet on the right side to download it (in English or German). If you would like to receive each new edition automatically via email, you may as well subscribe to our mailing- list by clicking "Newsletter subscribe" below the download-link.
Teaching health and safety in undergraduate engineering schools
New report by IOSH
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IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health), the Chartered body for health and safety professionals in the UK, is committed to evidence-based practice in workplace health and safety. IOSH maintains a Research and Development Fund to support research, lead debate and inspire innovation as part of their work as a thought leader in health and safety.
This report presents the findings of a review into the needs of undergraduate engineers, current health and safety training material and how it may structured and packaged for use in universities and other learning environments.
In this document, you’ll find a summary of the study IOSH commissioned to reassess the teaching of health and safety in undergraduate engineering courses. This report looks at the teaching material on health and safety principles and practice available to lecturers in the UK higher education sector, and forms part of IOSH's activities around embedding health and safety in professional and vocational education.
Click here for the IOSH Website and here for a direct download link to the report.
Decent work and education: A win-win combination
Thinking about Decent Work in Schools in Argentina
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In 2003, Argentina became one the first countries to incorporate the concept of Decent Work to its national development agenda. Since then, a number of government programmes have put into practice different aspects of the Decent Work Agenda.
The Ministries of Labour and Education now organised a day for “Thinking about Decent Work in Schools”. More than 600 students from 15 secondary schools in the suburbs of Buenos Aires took part in the initiative, along with teachers, headmasters and teams from both ministries.
The premise was simple: participants had to think about the link between school and work and, more precisely, between school and the work that students want to do. The top national authorities for education and labour were there to listen to their ideas.
Furthermore, the project ‘Building a Future with Decent Work’, referred to by Labour Minister Tomada, was launched in 2004 by the national Ministries of Labour and Education and the ILO Country Office for Argentina. The achievements of this project include training 1000 teachers on the course ‘Explora Trabajo Decente’ (Explore Decent Work); offering all middle-school social sciences teachers in Argentina the opportunity to participate in the project Trabajarte, run by 21 teacher training centres; incorporating the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and the concept of Decent Work into the middle-school curriculum through a Resolution of the Federal Education Council; running a regional experience-sharing workshop, where the leaders and promoters of the project in the region countries – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay – discussed the direction that the programme had taken in each country.
ENETOSH SEE-Kickoff Meeting
April 17, 2012 in Zagreb
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Organised and hosted by the University College of Applied Sciences in Safety, this kickoff meeting for the South Eastern Europe countries (SEE countries) will be carried out in Zagreb, Croatia.
Representatives of health and safety institutions of these countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro) are invited to get more information about the network, co-operation and partnership. The aim is to expand the ENETOSH network and to win new partners from these regions.
On the 16th of April, the 13th ENETOSH network meeting will take place at Zagreb, too. In the scope of this meeting, the ENETOSH Steering Committee will come together for the first time. An official proclamation of the ENETOSH Ambassadors and the members of the Steering Committee will be carried out a at the end of the SEE kickoff meeting at the Europe House, Zagreb.
For more information and online registration, please go to
New network member
Sub-Directorate General for Health and Safety at Work, Ministry of Enterprise and Labour of the Government of Catalonia
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We are glad to welcome a new member to the ENETOSH network. Our network now has 60 members from 25 different countries.
The Sub-Directorate General for Health and Safety at Work of the Ministry of Enterprise and Labour is part of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya). The sub-directorate longs to increase awareness for Safety and Health at work, provides information and publications on occupational risks and how to prevent them, about accidents and occupational diseases, and about organization and management in prevention. It also manages the registry of reported work-related accidents in Catalonia and OSH data source, and provides specialised health and safety advice and support to businesses and other institutions.
Furthermore, the sub-directorate offers and promotes training, promotion and campaigns on safety and health at work on national level, and takes part in specific European campaigns.
For more information, please visit the sub-directorate's website.
Report of the ENETOSH workshop
The Mobility Challenge: Comparison and recognition of qualifications in health and safety in Europe
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The advance of globalization has resulted in cross-border mobility of workers becoming an important topic in occupational safety and health (OSH). Aspects such as migration, multinational corporations and free movement of workers have an increasingly important role to play in health and safety. This event focused on the comparison and recognition of qualifications in health and safety in Europe.
More than thirty experts from all over Europe attended this workshop, which was held in the scope of the International Congress at A+A in Duesseldorf. The event was chaired by Dr David Gold (Gold-Knecht Associates, Switzerland) and Dr Ulrike Bollmann (ENETOSH). The workshop was divided into three parts: lectures and keynotes highlighting several aspects of the mobility challenge, three fora on the topics competence, safety card and construction, and finally a round table discussion.
Please click here for a report of the workshop, including handouts, presentations and pictures.
Our Numbers of the year
| Bild: |

57 partners from 25 countries and 601 examples of good practice from 39 countries in our toolbox - it was a good year for ENETOSH!
New Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Flash
Press release By the European Transport Safety Council
| Bild: |
Young people are among the groups facing the highest risks of dying while on the road: 140,000 young people aged 15 to 30 have lost their lives on European roads since 2001; 9150 of them in 2010. This age group represents 20% of the population of the EU, but makes up 30% of the total number of road deaths. Mortality of young people - number of deaths divided by population - is 69% higher than the corresponding figure for people of all other ages. The latest Road Safety Performance Index (PIN) Flash also reveals that young males are a particularly problematic group, making up 81% of the number of young people killed on EU roads.
| Bild: | Portugal, Latvia and Spain lead the pack in reducing the number of young people road deaths. Good progress was also made in Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland, who have become the safest countries in terms of young people killed per young inhabitants. Young people in these countries benefited not only from measures specific to young people but also from general road safety measures, enforcement efforts and improvements in infrastructure.
For more information, the full press release, the full PIN Flash and to sign up to receive upcoming PIN publications by email, please visit the ETSC website.
Working together for youth employment - From education to the workplace: a global challenge
Report of the event available online
| Bild: |
On 30 June 2011, a seminar on Youth and Employment was hosted by the Employment and Social Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, and jointly organised by four European agencies: Cedefop, ETF, EU-OSHA and Eurofound. Following an invitation of EU-OSHA, ENETOSH attended this event as an observer.
During the seminar, the agencies highlighted the complementarity of their work by each presenting different aspects and perspectives related to youth employment in Europe and its neighbourhood countries. Topics included the transition from education to the workplace, guidance for young people at risk, safe and decent jobs for young people, the 'NEETs' phenomenon and its economic costs, the active inclusion of disadvantaged young people in employment and the global dimension of youth employment.
On the website of Eurofond, the report is available for download, as well as full speaker presentations.
German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Hesse
New members in our network
| Bild: |
We are glad to welcome the UKH as a new member to the ENETOSH network. The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Hesse (UKH) is a regional institution of the statutory accident insurance for the public sector. In the Federal state Hesse of Germany, it is responsible for the insurance of a total of approximately 2.2 million Hesse employees and workers of the Hessian public service, volunteers, employees in relief services, private nursing staff, children in day care, pupils in public schools, students in vocational schools, students and private household workers.
ISSA joint project
„Prevention of occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health risks of apprentices and young employees in SMEs“
| Bild: |
The project covers different sectors, such as hotel and restaurant industry, wood processing, metal working and plastic industry and aims at promoting occupational safety and health in small and medium-sized enterprises. It is based on the “10 keys to success” for a small enterprise in the area of prevention that are supposed to help owners and employees make their companies and workplaces safer and healthier.
Target groups are employees and employers in SMEs as well as stakeholders. One of the main target groups is teachers and trainers. The project website (in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) offers examples of good practice, ideas, contents and tools, which may be used in the practice of SMEs.
This is a joint project of several partners: International Social Security Association (ISSA), British Safety Council, CRAM Alsace-Moselle (France), Bilateral Agency for Tourism in the Venetian Area (Italy), Swiss Accident Insurance Fund (SUVA), Prevent Belgium, German social accident insurance institution for the woodworking and metalworking industries (BGHM), BGN (German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the foodstuffs and catering industry), German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI) and DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance).
More information on the website.
OSH Training Centre "Uchebny Kombinat"
New network member from Russia
| Bild: |
We are glad to announce that the OSH Training Centre "Uchebny Kombinat" in St. Petersburg, Russia, has joined our network as a new member. OSH Institute “Uchebny Combinat”, Kalinina 22 is one of the oldest OSH Institutes in St. Petersburg.
The main mission of the Institute “Uchebny Combinat” is to provide a wide range of high-quality OHS services targeted on improving of working conditions and assisting in creation of safe and health workplaces.
About 65 years the institute successfully provides training, consultation and information services in different spheres of OSH and related issues including vocational training for employers, employees, safety officers and OSH specialists and managers for Saint Petersburg, Leningrad region and other regions of Russia. Over 12 000 customers get services provided by the “Uchebny Combinat” annually.
For more information, please have a look at our member's area or the Training Centre's website.
Best Agers
European project demographic change
| Bild: |
Nineteen partner institutions from eight countries around the Baltic Sea launched this project: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.
With demographic change - recently defined as one of the four key challenges for European regions by the EC - and the current economic crisis looming, the cities and regions of the BSR have to find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing unused opportunities.
One of these hidden potentials are people in the prime of their lives – the so called “Best Agers” (defined in the project as people aged 55 and older).
As previous projects have shown, the population of the Baltic Sea Region will rapidly become older and the 55+ age groups will experience large growth rates in the near future. The result will be a pool of older professionals who are healthier than ever, well-educated and motivated and who can be mobilised to counteract the negative effects of demographic change –shrinking regional workforces and the socalled "brain drain". The project will survey successful approaches and goodpractice examples, develop them further and transfer them to the partner regions with low-key Best Ager involvement.
Part of the project are also conferences and events, press releases, a website and a Facebook page, a Webinar-sequence for business planning and a newsletter. A special Mentor Programme in Denmark has already educated more that 80 mentors for young employees.
More information on the project and activities: | Facebook page of Best Agers
Hot Topic #11: Asbestos
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Asbestos became increasingly popular among manufacturers and builders in the late 19th century because of its sound absorption, average tensile strength, and its resistance to fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage. It was used in such applications as electrical insulation for hotplate wiring and in building insulation.
This serious risk for worker's health is closely linked to construction safety. Although materials containing asbestos are out of use in the construction sector, workers have to deal with this very dangerous substance in demolition works or reconstruction projects. Another risk is the long-term problem because of the causation of serious the illnesses even many years after contamination.
In our collection of good practice examples, we have a number of projects dealing with this problem. The new Hot Topic shows a list of these examples. Please choose "Hot Topics" in the main menu on the left to access this new one, as well as our other Hot Topics.
New network member
from Romania
| Bild: | We are glad to welcome a new member to our network: the National Research & Development Institute on Occupational Safety – INCDPM ”Alexandru Darabont” in Bucharest. The institute has been carrying out continuous activities for more than 50 years now, dedicated to education and research in the prevention of occupational risks, the legal grounding of industrial safety, occupational safety and development of the training system in this area, as well as in development of practical solutions and technical assistance to enterprises to improve working conditions. More information in our member's area and on the institute's website.
A+A Workshop education and training
"The mobility challenge"
| Bild: |
Under the lead of ENETOSH this years workshop will deal with cross-border mobility and the recognition of qualifications. The workshop is part of the 32nd International Congress on Occupational Health and Safety (A+A) Safety, health, ergonomics in Düsseldorf and will take place on 19th October 2011. The aim of the workshop is to provide the participants with information about initiatives aiming to facilitate and stimulate cross-border mobility such as the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), the harmonization of professional qualifications e.g. in the area of medical education and continuous professional development of physicians and their specialized staff and the recent development of a European professional card.
These three approaches will be outlined by different speeches. In addition a market place with projects and good practice examples of how to improve the comparability and the acknowledgement of qualifications in Europe in different sectors will be carried out. A round table discussion will complete the workshop. Simultaneous translation will be provided in English and German.

More information about A+A International Congress:
Everyday heroes awarded
Film produced on behalf of DGUV
| Bild:
Bild vergrössern |
The film "Alltagshelden" (Everyday heroes) has been awarded twice at the International Film and Video Festival "World Media Festival" in May 2011 in Hamburg. "Alltagshelden" won the price in the category "Education", as well as the Intermedia-globe Gold Award.
The festival involved over 300 respondents (production companies, agencies and clients) from 35 countries, including big names such as ARTE, ORF, University of Tokyo and NATO Headquarters.
The film "Alltagshelden" was produced on behalf of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and is the dominant part of the campaign "Jugend will sich erleben" (Youth wants self-experience) by the DGUV. The film shows a normal work day of three slightly different young workers - Michael, Micky and Mike. They encounter the same situations and risks, but their actions and reactions are completely different. The main goal of the film is to motivate young trainees to deal with issues of safety and health at work, on the road and in their leisure time. Producer, screenwriter and director of the film is Thomas Plonsker, Plonsker media GmbH.
You can watch the whole film here.
For more information, please visit the website of the World Media Festival and the webite of the "Youth wants self-experience" campaign.
Young Safe Drivers
A project from Greece
| Bild: |
In Greece, the number of youth driving fatalities is the highest in Europe. Young Safe Drivers, a Greek Non-Profit Organization, wants to promote responsible safe driving through in depth research and education. The organization is dedicated to finding innovative methods through mobile phone software development and education that can be implemented not only in Greece but internationally. The overall goal is to prevent distracted driving and promote safety on all Greek roads.
The website and a Smartphone App preventing mobile phone use while driving is the answer to a safer driving network through out our world. The App, which is available for Android and Windows devices, blocks incoming and outgoing calls and texts while an automobile is in motion, the GPS software is activated when a vehicle reaches a given speed. Incoming calls are diverted to voicemail, incoming texts receive a response “I am driving, please try me later”. The App is globally accessible, easily downloaded, has parameters and many features, can allow specific calls, is activated by username & password, has remote accessibility and permits designated numbers and emergency calls.
More information on the website:
European Organisation for Stress Hazard Evaluation
New Member of the ENETOSH network
| Bild: |
The European Organisation for Stress Hazard Evaluation is a non-profit organization founded in Sweden with the aim to help reducing European occupational stress related costs: human costs to workers and their families, business costs to organisations and companies and costs to society. To achieve this aim, EurOSHE provides companies and public sector with tailor made Psychosocial Risk Management following the European framework (PRIMA-EF).
Psychosocial Risk Management starts with the identification of problems and an assessment of the risk that they pose: Psychosocial/Stress Hazard Evaluation.
EurOSHE’s aim is also to promote and support the scientific development of psychosocial risk management and its border areas, and to support research and education within this field.
For more information, please take a look at the partner's page of EurOSHE.
Learning while working
New report by Cedefop
| Bild: |
The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop) published a new report on lifelong learning: "Learning while working".
Companies wish to improve their employees’ skills for a specific job, employees have an interest in developing skills that can generally raise their career and employment prospects. Adult learning in the workplace brings a fundamental contribution to lifelong learning strategies, flexicurity and employment policies, it also supports policy measures for increasing enterprises’ capacity for innovation, competitiveness and adaptation to sectoral changes.
This report calls for strong synergies between policies and programmes for innovation, research, enterprise development and training, which should go hand-in-hand. It is based on previous research undertaken by Cedefop between 2003 and 2010.
More information and the full report for download are available on the Cedefop website.
New "Hot Topic"
| Bild: |
We have a new "Hot Topic" online. It is our HT #10: Demographic Change. In the future, the demographic change will start to increase its influence on all areas of life. Companies will have to deal with problems and challenges caused by this development - more elder workers, special, age- related injuries, risks and illnesses. Because of this, the demographic change will affect occupational safety and health as well.
Hot Topics are a collection of good practice examples - all of them are as well included in our TOOLBOX, some presented in the GOOD PRACTICE area. These collections are supposed to put a spotlight on a special topic. Take a look at all our Hot Topics by clicking the link in the main menu on the left.
University College of Safety, Zagreb
New partner in our network
| Bild: |
We are glad to welcome the 53rd member to the ENETOSH network: the Zagreb University College of Safety (Visoka škola za sigurnost), Centre for Electronic Education. We now have members from 23 different countries!
The primary activity of the Zagreb University College of Applied Sciences in Safety, is the higher education of Safety experts in the area of Safety at Work, Fire Protection and Environmental Protection. The university wants to spread ideas and transfer knowledge of modern integrated approach to safety through education and training of safety experts, labour representatives, employers and their beneficiaries.
Click here for the partner's page of the University College.
Online consultation by the EC
priorities for modernisation of higher education in Europe
| Bild: |
The European Commission plans to adopt a new Communication on the modernisation of higher education in the third quarter of 2011 to provide strategic direction for the development of European higher education in the next ten years. This new Communication will revisit and update the existing Communication on modernisation of higher education, which was adopted in 2006.
In preparation to this, you can participate in an interactive policy making online consultation on priorities for modernisation of higher education in Europe: education, research and innovation.
The process of public consultation is an effective instrument for political participation at the European level. Here you have the opportunity to draw attention to your concerns of the integration of safety and health in the university on curricular and organizational level.
The consultation can be accessed here, either as an online questionnaire or PDF file.
Excellence in Road Safety Awards
Winners from the education sector
| Bild: |
At an awarding ceremony in Brussels, the European Safety Charter, an Initiative by the European Commission, awarded seven organisations which have undertaken specific commitments to reduce the number of road fatalities in their communities. The winners were selected from more than 500 signatories of the Road Safety Charter following an evaluation made by the Commission. Two of the winners have been undertaking special educational efforts for road safety:
1. In the institutions category, MATERSKÁ ŠKOLA DÉNEŠOVA, a kindergarten in Slovakia, committed to teaching children, in partnership with their parents, how to behave safely on the road. The kindergarten is located in Košice, east part of Slovakia. The awarded project is called ¨Bezpečne na ceste¨ (Safety on the road). More information here.
2. In the local and regional authorities' category, AYUNTAMIENTO DE VERÍN & CÂMERA MUNICIPAL DE CHAVES, two municipalities on the border between Spain and Portugal, committed to carry out together road safety education courses targeted at different risk groups and to launch a common road safety prevention campaign on both sides of the border. More information on this project here (Verin City Council, Spain) and here (Chaves City Hall, Portugal).
For more information on Excellence in Road Safety Awards, the other winners and the European Road Safety Charter, please go to All links in this article lead to the website of the European Road Safety Charter.

New Member
From Albania
| Bild: |
We are glad to welcome a new member from a new member country to our network: Frosina Gjino, Director of the Occupational Safety and Health Directorate of the Albanian State Labour Inspectorate (SLI).
This directorate covers two sectors in the headquarters office and 12 Regional Directories in every district of Albania (The number of the staff covered by this directory is 170 persons). Mrs. Gjino is the Focal Point in Albania for European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, Bilbao Spain.
The State Labour Inspectorate (SLI) is a central public institution, under the Minister of Labour Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, which is composed by the General Directorate on central level, regional directorates and local labour inspection offices. SLI is managed by the Inspector General who is the highest executive authority and responses to the Minister of Labour Social Affers and Equal Opportunities.
For more information, please visit the partner's page in our member's area here.
Emily Sandall Award
mini-grant program by IIECL
| Bild: |
The International Initiative to End Child Labour (IIECL), in collaboration with the Emily Sandall Foundation, is now accepting applications for mini-grants in the spring and fall of 2011.
Young persons, adults, teachers, schools, students or non-governmental organizations who had an interest or is working with children and/or youth and need a small amount of funds to support a project idea to help end exploitative child labor, can apply for this award.
Emily grant applications are being accepted until midnight on March 31, 2010. Four mini-grants will be awarded in the spring of 2011. Individual awards are a maximum of $500 US. Emily grant application guidelines are very easy to follow. Each application received will be given full consideration.
For further information regarding the application process, please refer to the Emily Sandall Grants section of the website Reports of past award grantees are contained on the website as well.
Students, youth, young adults and teachers are encouraged to apply. Be creative with your ideas as to how to raise awareness and promote education to end child labor at your school and/or local community!
ENETOSH Network event
26 November 2010, European Parliament, Brussels
| Bild: |
Violence in the Education Sector

Thirty education and OSH experts at the ENETOSH Network Event “Violence in the Education Sector” quickly reach consensus: There must be a joint, holistic approach to preventing violence in schools.
Prof. Peter Smith from Goldsmith, University of London explained what is exactly meant by violence, bullying and cyberbullying in schools. Focus was placed on the “Multi-sectoral Guidelines to Tackle Third-party Violence and Harassment Related to Work” adopted in July 2010 due to the fact that the risk of experiencing both violence and harassment is greatest in the education and health sectors (EWCS 2005, Chapter 4). Penny Clark, Head of EU policy of the European Federation for Public Service Unions (EPSU) talked about the special conditions under which violence and harassment occur in the public sector. She also discussed the possibility of introducing measures for preventing violence as early as childhood.
Call for tenders
ETUCE study on work-related stress
| Bild: |
ETUCE (The European Trade Union Committee for Education) is seeking for research institutes who are able to carry out a study in 500 schools in the EU/EFTA countries on teachers' work-related stress. Therefore, ETUCE has opened a call for subcontracting external expertise for a European-wide survey – assessment, comparison and evaluation of the impact of psychosocial factors on teachers at their workplace in the EU. Replies are expected by 15/12/10.
Please click here for the call for tenders (PDF file).
New network member
From Portugal
| Bild: |
The Ordem dos Engenheiros (Association of Engineers), is active on two levels: nationwide, covering territories on the mainland and the autonomous regions of Azores and Madeira, and regional. Since 1992 the Order started to be represented in five regions and 12 colleges.
The association gives priority to the progress of engineering in its various areas throughout the national territory. The activities of the association covers holding of national conferences and other events such as symposia and seminars, as well as a systematic disclosure of publications of scientific and technical papers produced by the community of Engineers. Seminars, courses and other training as well as the existence of an updated library are examples of activities with major impact on training of engineers.
The 50th network member!
Riga Technical University
| Bild: |
We are very glad to welcome the 50th member to the ENETOSH network: Riga Technical University! Our network now consists of 50 members from 21 different countries!
Riga Technical University is an accredited, internationally recognized European level university offering a wide range of academic and professional degree programmes across various fields of study. Several faculties of the Riga Technical University integrate occupational safety and health into their studies - for bachelor degree, master degree and, in the future, even for the doctoral degree.
Prof. Janis Ievins and Assist. Prof. Janis Berzins came to Dresden and signed the membership form in person. Click here for a picture of this visit.
Teachers and trainers for the future: Vocational training in a changing world
Report for discussion at the Global Dialogue Forum
| Bild: |
The ILO estimates that unemployment is up by more than 30 million worldwide since 2007. The number of unemployed youth increased by 8.5 million between 2008 and 2009, the largest year-on-year increase in at least ten years. Against this sombre economic background, technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems worldwide are under pressure to deal with a host of employment and workplace challenges.
On the ILO website, the complete report for discussion at the Global Dialogue Forum on Vocational Education and Training (29–30 September 2010 at the International Labour Office, Geneva) is available, as well as an interview with the ILO specialists Bill Ratteree and Michael Axmann about how TVET systems can respond to these challenges.
Violence at educational establishments
ENETOSH Network event during the Belgian OSH week
| Bild: |
The European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) is going to carry out a special network event during the Belgian OSH week. The network event will be part of a conference under the Belgian Presidency.
Violence is a challenge that is getting more and more important for teachers and trainers. The event will present different scenarios of violence in educational establishments, especially at school. The new Multi-sectoral guidelines to tackle third-party violence and harassment related to work will be introduced. In addition the ETUCE Action Plan on Preventing and Tackling Violence in Schools will be presented. Finally good practice, like the whole school approach, will exemplify how to cope with the challenge of violence.
The event wil take place on 26. November 2010, 9:00-11:00 o’clock at the
Square Conference Centre / European Parliament.
New online media center
A collection of films related to work safety
| Bild: |
This project was initiated by the "Berlin Initiative Healthy Work" after performing a survey at the beginning of 2010. Supported by the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and BAuA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), this survey showed a strong request for this kind of media center (by 98% of the participating safety experts).
The collection "Arbeitsschutzfilm" went online in October and contains films from all categories of safety at work. The content is provided by several institutions from Germany and Switzerland. Users of the platform can register, comment the films and give hints to other suitable movies anywhere in the internet, in English and other languages as well.
More information and access to all films on the website (in German)
ENETOSH Standard of competence
What competencies does an instructor or trainer in safety and health need?
| Bild: |
This question was investigated in an empirical study carried out by Dresden University of Technology on behalf of the IAG between April 2008 and May 2010. The study was carried out to assess the validity of and further develop the competence standard that was set up within the framework of the EU project ENETOSH in 2007.
Following this study, overviews and checklists for each competence field are available to instructors and trainers including knowledge requirements and behaviour-related requirements (skills and wider competencies). Each competence field is assigned to one of the performance levels of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).
The ENETOSH Standard has been re-launched on 9th September at the Conference, 8-10 September 2010, in Røros, Norway:
All documents of the validated standard are now available for download (in English and in German) on this platform, as well as more information on the validation study. Please choose "ENETOSH Standard" from the main menu on the left.
Newsletter No 8
Ready for download
The ENETOSH Newsletter No. 8 is now available. Just click the portlet on the right side to download it (in English or German). If you would like to receive each new edition (the next one will be No 9 in November 2010) automatically via email, you may as well subscribe to our mailing- list by clicking "Newsletter subscribe" below the download-link.
Training & Innovation 2010
Rethinking transfer: the sustainability of training in occupational health and safety
| Bild: |
“Transferring the fire of our event into practice” was the motto of the 10th Training & Innovation event, which took place from 20 – 21 May 2010 at the DGUV Akademie in Dresden and was attended by a total of 65 participants from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Denmark and Canada. Representatives of accident insurance providers came together with participants from companies, universities, ministries and other public institutions as well as private providers of training, research and consultancy to have a frank and high-level exchange of ideas on how to make sure that seminars and training sessions have a more sustainable impact in practice.
For more information, please go to "Training & Innovation" in our main menu on the left.
Two new reports
By the European Agency and the British Safety Council
| Bild: |
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work released a new report: "Mainstreaming OSH in university education: challenges and opportunities".
When it comes to integrating OSH into university education, there are a number of particular challenges.
There is often a lack of teaching staff who have expertise in OSH, and a lack of OSH teaching materials suitable for university level. There can be a lack of funds for developing OSH education at universities, compared with schools. And university courses can favour theoretical learning methods over practical, active ones.
This report looks at the challenges of ‘mainstreaming’ or integrating OSH into university courses, as well as providing examples of imaginative ways in which these challenges can be overcome. And it shows that there are examples from around Europe of OSH successfully being made a part of university education.
On the website, the full report can be downloaded (in English).
A fact sheet is available in 22 different languages.

| Bild: | The second interesting report by the British Safety Council, "Ensuring the safety and health of young workers", focuses on the health and safety of young workers and is the second in a series of publications by the British Safety Council in 2010. The reports are designed to share best practice and to increase the understanding of the social, economic and personal consequences of workplace injury and ill health, and the sensible and effective actions that would help prevent such harm. The report shows projects by the BSC and examples from the work life of young workers. Four big companies from different branches were chosen to show their way of dealing with and caring for the safety and health of young workers.
Please visit the website of the BSC and click here to download the report (PDF file) directly.
New ENETOSH partner
The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE)
| Bild: |
We are very glad to welcome this new partner to our network. The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) is an Industry Federation within the European Trade Union Confederation and an autonomous organisation within the Education International Pan-European Structure. More than 100 Unions, institutions and organizations from 31 different European countries are members of this committee. ETUCE organizes and runs several projects on European level, for example on work-related stress, violence at work, violence and harassment (and cyber-harassment) at schools, gender equality in the education sector and a "European eLearning Forum for Education" (ELFE).
In June 2010 the ETUCE and the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) held their first plenary of the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee in Education which has got Health and Safety issues as a priority topic on the joint agenda.
More information on the ETUCE website.
New initiative by ILO
creating an international Community of Practice and Learning
| Bild: |
The International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has started a new initiative. They are inviting experts in occupational safety and health worldwide to join a new listserv that focuses on preventing and reducing hazardous work for children and youth, age 14 and above.
The role of the listserv is to begin creating an international Community of Practice and Learning (CoPL) around hazardous work and young people. It will connect researchers, educators, policymakers, practitioners, and funders so they can share ideas, ask questions, disseminate practical tools, adapt educational materials, and find opportunities to work together.
After a two month trial phase, ILO IPEC will survey subscribers' views on future directions for the CoPL.
For more information, please send an email to: or go to the ILO website.
Occupational Health & Safety NETworking in EASTern Europe
| Bild: |
AIDII, the Italian Association of Industrial Hygiene is developing the project Occupational Health & Safety NETworking in EASTern Europe - OSH-EASTNET financed by European Commission under IPA 2008 Programme – Civil Society Facility: Support to Partnership Actions "Environment, Energy Efficiency, and Health and Safety at Work".
The overall objective of the OSH-EASTNET action is to share knowledge and good practice between the Italian Association of Industrial Hygienists (AIDII) and National Association of Public Health of Albania, Macedonian Confederation of Employers of Republic of Macedonia - Medical Companies Association, Association for Safety and Health at Work – Serbia, Association of Public Health Research of Turkey with the view of improving OHS practices in the area and to enhance its harmonization with EU standards.
In the first 6 months, four meetings have already been organised (Brussels, Rome, Istanbul, Tirana) with great success.
The next meeting will be held in Rome on 30th September 2010 during the IOHA 2010 Conference.
For more information:,
Cyber-Harassment of teachers
Second ETUCE project on violence at school
| Bild: |
ETUCE (The European Trade Union Committee for Education) started a second project on violence at school: "Teachers concerned about violence at school - cyber-harassment".
Cyber-harassment has more and more developed into a highly discussed topic at schools because it affects teachers at their workplace and their working conditions in a most dangerous way.
In the scope of this project by ETUCE, two surveys have been carried out. A seminar in Brussels, a conference in Bratislava and a special area on the ETUCE teacher's occupational safety and health website complete these activities.
International Conference on Accident Prevention
ICAP 2010 at Busan, Korea
| Bild: |
The 2010 International Conference on Accident Prevention (ICAP 2010) - Accident Prevention through the Implementation of the Seoul Declaration on Safety and Health at Work - will be held in Busan, Korea from 20 Oct. to 22 Oct., 2010.
The conference, organized by Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) and Korean Society of Safety (KOSOS), is the first international conference sponsored by the Scientific Committee on Accident Prevention (SCAP) of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH).
The aim of the conference is to provide up-to-date discussions in the
field of safety science and technology.
New partner
AIFOS from Italy
| Bild: |
We are glad to welcome a new partner from Italy.
The "Associazione Italiana Formatori della Sicurezza sul Lavoro" (Italian Association of Trainers in Occupational Safety) is a non-profit organization made up of trainers, teachers, professionals, consultants, companies and those involved in the training of occupational safety.

More information in our member's area (Main menu: "Membership")
New Partners
| Bild: | We are glad to announce that we have two new partners in our network:
The Polytechnic School of the University of Girona (Spain) and the Health & Safety Unit from Malta.
The Escola Politecnica Superior (Polytechnic School) of the University of Girona is the center where students are studying the technological sphere of the University of Girona. The aim of the Polytechnic School is to train professionals in the field of Technology.
| Bild: | The Heath & Safety Unit by the Directorate for Educational Services of the Maltese Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family. The unit is working to promote awareness among all students on health and safety issues.

For more information, please click the map of Europe on the upper right side of this page and then choose a country.
New website for construction safety
| Bild: |
The BAR Bygge & Anlæg (Sectoral Working Environment Council on Building and Construction) in Denmark launched a new website dealing with construction safety. The website is available in four languages: Danish, English, Polish and German. It contains 15 different areas, each of them covering one profession at the construction site: bricklayer, scaffold builder, glazier, floor fitter, construction builder, mason paviour, building builder, electrician, painter, demolition worker, roofer, carpenter, plumber, asphalt worker and safety representative.
For every profession, a humorous video clip starring "Bent E" puts a focus on the special safety requirements. In addition, a collection of facts is available, as well as "Tasks", a kind of quiz to show what the user has learned so far.
Hot Topic #9
Mental health
| Bild: |
Our "Hot Topics" are collections of good practice examples dealing with one special topic. This time it is "Mental Health".
You can access this collection by clicking "Hot Topics" in the main menu on the left. There you will find a short teaser for each of the examples and a link leading to the project's web pages.
Training & Innovation 2010
20 – 21 May 2010, Dresden
| Bild: |
Rethinking transfer: the sustainability of training in occupational health and safety
How to transfer the fire of our events into practice? How to understand transfer as a process? Those and other exciting issues will be discussed together with participants from different countries at the DGUV Congress Centre, Dresden.
Stakeholder meeting in Brussels
Mainstreaming OSH into education
| Bild: |
On 24 February 2010 the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) hold a stakeholder meeting on mainstreaming occupational safety and health (OSH) into education at MULTIBURO in Brussels. The meeting was attended by over fifty participants from 16 different countries including member state representatives, European Commission representatives from DG Employment and DG Education, social partners from the European Commission’s advisory group on safety and health (working group on education and training), and European social partners in the education sector (who are representatives on the newly formed sector social dialogue committee for the education sector), the European Training Foundation and ENSHPO. The meeting was co-organized by ENETOSH.
Young people and wellbeing at work
Prevent, Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
| Bild: |
As part of a project on young people’s health and safety at work being carried out by Prevent, Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, at the request of Assuralia (Belgian Association of the Insurance companies), the institute has conducted two surveys: one among students and the other among companies.
Social dialogue in the educational sector
| Bild: |
The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE) and the European Federation of Education Employers (EFEE) held a joint conference on 29th of September 2009 in Brussels. This event came as the latest step in a process initiated by the ETUCE five years ago. During the conference, the two organisations signed up a joint application letter to create a European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Education, in conformity with Articles 138-139 of the EC Treaty.
The European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), which was established in 1975, represents 118 teachers' unions in 28 European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries. ETUCE is composed of national organisations of teachers and other staff in education being member organisations of Education International (EI) or the World Confederation of Teachers (WCT). It has associated member organisations in the Central and Eastern European countries. The total coverage in Europe amounts to 166 organisations.
The EFEE was established in 2009, and has members in 18 countries. The overall objective of EFEE is to represent the interests of education providers of all levels (from pre-school to university and vocational education) as employers at European level, and thereby contribute to the improvement of education in the member states of the EU.
Training availability for Psychosocial Risk Management
Survey by PRIMAet
| Bild: |
Psychosocial risks have been identified at the European and national level as a concern for both employers and workers. Research conducted at the European level through the PRIMA-EF project clearly identifies the need for training and skills development for the prevention and management of psychosocial risks at work. The PRIMAeT project, funded by the EC Leonardo da Vinci programme, aims at the development of a training programme on psychosocial risk management with a special focus on prevention at the workplace level. Key issues to be addressed through this training programme will include work-related stress, violence, harassment and bullying.
As a key stakeholder, PRIMAet invites experts to participate in this survey to help identify the available training for psychosocial risk management provided by different stakeholders across the EU.
You can download the survey here (DOC file, 844 KB). Depending on your system and browser, you might just have to click this link to download the file, otherwise click it with your right mouse button and choose "save target as...".
Please return this survey by email to by the 30th of April 2010.
More information is available on the PRIMAeT website.
Fight the risk
New accident prevention campaign
| Bild: |
The German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) started this campaign in January 2010.
Every year, 230.000 accidents occur during transport and traffic within plants, 150 of them are fatal. In addition, 23.000 accidents occur on public roads during business journeys (170 of them fatal) and 175.000 accidents occur involving schoolchildren on public roads. In 2008, more than 500 insurants lost their lives due to one of these casualties.
The campaign "Fight the risk" aims at prevention and reduction of these accidents. A website is online now, offering information for employers, employees, pupils and teachers, links, videoclips and personalized E- Cards including a short prevention clip that can be sent to friends. A multimedia quiz will follow.
Click here for the website (DE), here for an information leaflet (EN). The links will open in a new browser window.
CSEC/AdRisk Joint International Seminar
involvement in injury prevention - Seminar results
| Bild: |
Delegates from across Europe attended the first international seminar looking into young people’s involvement in injury prevention.
The three-day event, which was hosted by CSEC and AdRisk (the Community Action on Adolescents and Injury Risk project, a European initiative) and held at the headquarters of RoSPA in Birmingham, proved a major success.
There were inspiring examples of work from around the continent, including presentations from young people who are involved in injury prevention in the UK, and lively workshop sessions during which delegates sought to define “high quality practical safety education” and “risk competence”.
Click here for the seminar results website with more information and interesting links to projects and documentaries of the young participants.
ENETOSH leaflet
now available in 24 languages
| Bild: |
The latest ENETOSH leaflet is now available for download in 24 European languages! These are 22 official languages plus Turkish and Macedonian. Please take a look at the column on the right side of this page. By clicking the appropriate country flag, you can download the leaflet in one of the following languages: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.
Launch of Sifa Network Thuringia
Kick off meeting in Poessneck
| Bild: |
On 26 January the kick off meeting of the Sifa Network Thuringia took place in Poessneck, Germany. The network aims at fostering the exchange of experience between all actors in the field of OSH-management and supporting continuous vocational training of safety experts. The network has an open loop, everyone who is interested in the work of safety experts is invited to join the network.
The network is under the auspices of ENETOSH. Ulrike Bollmann, coordinator of ENETOSH, underlined the importance of an international exchange of experience and the continuous professionalisation of safety experts. The Institute for Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance offers a broad range of seminars to develop the competencies of safety experts. The safety experts come from different branches and the attendants from all over Germany.
Jörg Stojke, director of the BGW Academy in Dresden, pointed out that networking between safety experts is of an increasing importance.
New Systematic Review on Education & Training
Conducted by The Institute for Work & Health, CA
| Bild: |
This review was conducted to find out whether OHS training has a beneficial effect on workers and firms, and whether higher engagement OHS training is more beneficial than lower engagement OHS training. The systematic review team consisted of 16 researchers from the United States and Canada. The review team searched 10 electronic databases for studies of randomized controlled trials published on OHS education or training between 1996-2007. An initial 6,469 articles were identified and reviewed for relevance.
New "Hot Topic" online
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Our eighth Hot Topic is "Violence prevention". You can access this selection of good practice examples with short descriptions and further leading links to projects dealing with this topic by clicking "Hot Topics" in our main menu on the left.
International Migrants Day 2009
Congress Centre Hannover
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The Ethno-Medical Centre (Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum) Hannover will host the congress "Demographic change – integration and health for all generations" to celebrate the International Migrant's Day with support of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Sports and Integration and the Federation of Health Insurances, BKK. The congress will take place at the Congress Centre Hannover on 18th December, 2009.
Demographic change and migration are often discussed as problems, as well as their impact on work and health. But if we take a look at the possibilities, the enormous chances for a positive social development become apparent.
Internationally accepted speakers, working in the field of migration, health and demographic change are looking for an intensive exchange of information and experience at national and European level by holding speeches, within workshops and a plenary discussion. A cultural program will complete this International Migrant's Day.
Participation is free of charge, but an application is necessary. Click here for the website and online application form (in German).
New partners in our network
From Denmark, the UK and Germany
We are glad to welcome three new partners to our network:

| Bild: | BAR Bygge & Anlæg from Denmark. The Sectoral Working Environment Council on Building and Construction is composed of employers, managers and employee organizations within the construction area. It is one of a total of 11 Branchearbejdsmiljøråd.

| Bild: | BRITISH SAFETY COUNCIL. Founded in 1957, the British Safety Council is one of the world's leading health and safety organisations. The council's mission is to keep people healthy and safe at work and to support a healthier, safer and more sustainable society.

| Bild: | University Of Hamburg, Faculty Educational Science, Psychology And Kinesiology, Department Kinesiology And Training Theory
This Faculty is specialized in research and education in the fields of Kinesiology and sports science, biomechanics, sports mechanics, research methods in Kinesiology and training theory, health promotion and tests in motor skills.

> Please choose "Membership/ Member" in the main menu on the left (or click the map on the top right) and then a country to access our member's area and find more information, links and contact data.<
OSH and education – approaches to a successful cooperation
Workshop at A+A 2009
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65 participants from 11 different countries attended the workshop “OSH and education - approaches to a successful cooperation”, which took place on the 5th November 2009 during the A+A conference in Düsseldorf. The workshop was organised by the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health, ENETOSH, in co-operation with the statutory accident insurance for the public sector of North-Rhine Westphalia and the expert group on education of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).
Newsletter No 7
The ENETOSH newsletter No 7 is available and ready for download in English and German. Please click the link "Newsletter Download" on the right side of this page.
Handbook for practitioners by CEDEFOP
Competence framework for VET professions
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This handbook of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training CEDEFOP has been produced to support practitioners and decision-makers, such as teachers, trainers and administrators, in their efforts to support the professional development and well-being of VET professionals and organisations.
Existing descriptions of the competences of teaching professionals mainly encompass those working in general education. This handbook is an attempt to capture the fast-evolving and complex activities and competences required of those working within vocational education and training.
The Handbook can be dowloaded from the CEDEFOP website.
Prevention of school violence
BGAG Report 1/2009
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The Institute Work and Health (BGAG) of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) has released a new report: "Measures for prevention of school violence: Stock taking of programmes in the German-speaking area".
The abstract of this brochure says: "Every time traumatic events such as running amok come out a topic in public is school violence. After the first horror-struck reaction and speechlessness constantly the question of how to prevent school violence is raised in press and politics. At the same time it often is not taken into account that there already is a whole series of prevention programmes. In part these programmes even have been evaluated as effectively". The brochure was developed in order to facilitate the overview on a great number of programmes for the persons responsible, the schools and interested parties. It systematically lists a large part of German-speaking programmes. The brochure can be downloaded in PDF format from the IAG website.
ENETOSH is a lighthouse project
Report on award ceremony
| Bild:
Bild vergrössern |
On 1st October 2009, the European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) received the LEONARDO Award 2009: Innovation in Practice.
Before an audience of 500 in the crowded civic centre in Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Weiß, permanent representative of the President of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung - BIBB) presented the award to Dr. Ulrike Bollmann and Dr. Dirk Windemuth of the Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV), who, in their role as co-ordinators, accepted it on behalf of all the partners in the ENETOSH network.
Hot Topic #7
First Aid
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Our seventh "Hot Topic" is online and can be visited by clicking "Hot Topics" on the left inside the main menu. Our "Hot Topics" are supposed to put a focus on a special topic - this time it is "First Aid".
new project and product portal for Leonardo da Vinci
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ADAM is a new web portal by Leonardo da Vinci, which is part of the European education and training programme "Life-long Learning". All projects, products and results produced by the Leonardo da Vinci Programme are presented on this web platform with descriptions, further information and web links. The ADAM portal is a comprehensive database with a list of all projects and an "extended search" function that makes it easy to browse and find all projects and products. All information is available English, German and French.
Please click here for the ADAM website or ENETOSH on ADAM
A+A 2009 Düsseldorf
ENETOSH workshop within the congress
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The international Congress on Occupational Health and Safety (A+A), the largest national and international meeting for specialists in the field of safety, health and workplace design will take place at Düsseldorf, Germany, from 3rd til 6th November, 2009.
Within the scope of the A+A, the workshop "OSH and education - approaches to a successful cooperation" will take place on Thursday, 5th November 2009, 9:15 - 12:15 o'clock, at the international Congress A+A in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event will be carried out by ENETOSH in co-operation with the Statutory accident insurance for the public sector of the "Bundesland" North-Rhine Westfalia and the Expert group on Education of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV).
Click here for the programme in English or German.
More information on A+A:
Education online
New area on ENETOSH.NET
This new area (see new menu item on the left) is supposed to put a special focus on examples of good practice that are using modern communication technologies such as e- learning, web platforms, podcasting or social networks (e.g. Facebook). This new menu item will lead you to a selection of projects and the links to their online activities. This selection will be growing and cannot be complete, of course.
| Bild: | Two new projects are in this list, too:
The "Young people at work" - website by Health and Safety Executive HSE has been relaunched and rebranded, with a new design and a better navigation. This website offers a health and safety podcast especially for young people.
| Bild: | The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents RoSPA launched the new website "Teen Safety and Risk" including a special Facebook group.
ENETOSH project awarded
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The European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health ENETOSH received the LEONARDO- Award 2009: Innovation in practice. The National Agency Education for Europe at the BIBB Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training has awarded three outstanding projects each from GRUNDTVIG and LEONARDO DA VINCI for the first time. The prize is supposed to award outstanding projects of high practical relevance.
Susanne Burger from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, chair of the jury, declared: The jury was especially positive about the project results that have been developed by the coordinator Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance in cooperation with all partners of the project. The jury appreciated explicitly the impact in practice achieved by the commitment and expertise of the partners.
The award ceremony will take place in the scope of the annual conference of the National Agency at Bonn Bad Godesberg on 1. - 2. October. Please click here for the programme of the conference.
Robert W. Campbell Award
Global Partnership
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The Robert W. Campbell Award is organized by the US National Safety Council (NSC) and supported by a network of 22 global partners across five continents. We are proud to announce that ENETOSH has become a member recently.
The international Award recognizes organizations that have successfully integrated health, safety and environmental management into their overall business operations. These cases, demonstrating health and safety and economic productivity have been converted to be used as resources for engineering and business schools, and to promote partnerships with business schools and cooperation with professors.
ENETOSH will support the Award’s work by promoting it and nominating candidates to serve on the international panel of reviewers.
More information:
New Partners in our network
From Denmark and Romania
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We are glad to welcome three new partners to our network:
The Confederation of Professionals in Denmark FTF, the trade union confederation for 450,000 public and private employees, making it the second biggest of Denmark's three main unions and a major actor in the Danish labour market, with its close on three million wage earners.
| Bild: | Erik Findalen, Director of the Technical School Hansenberg, Kolding Denmark. HANSENBERG is a modern educational institution with 150 years of experience in vocational training. The school offers a wide range of education and training programmes.
| Bild: | Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" from Iasi, Romania. The University has 11 of faculties for different fields of engineering.
New ENETOSH Partner is the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Technical University.
New Report by HSL
Integrating risk concepts into undergraduate engineering courses
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This report describes a joint project conducted by HSL and the University of Liverpool Engineering Department to integrate risk concepts into their undergraduate engineering course. The project defined risk education learning outcomes that can be integrated into an undergraduate engineering curriculum and implementing them by merging new teaching materials (involving real accident case studies) into core engineering modules. The report and the work it describes were funded by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The report was compiled by Nicola Stacey and Chris Simpson from HSL and Dr. Graham Schleyer from the University of Liverpool and is available for download on the HSE website.
Good Practice Award winners 2009 announced
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Eight organisations and companies were honoured with an award at the ninth annual European Good Practice competition organised within the Healthy Workplaces campaign on risk assessment. The winners and commended entries all promoted good safety and health practices in workplace risk assessment, illustrated in the Good Practice Booklet.
Hundreds of entries from all over Europe were received, covering organisations of all sizes and sectors and subject to a wide variety of risk factors. The Good Practice Booklet gives details of the eight winning and nine commended entries.
In selecting the examples, the judging panel was looking for solutions that show innovative and sustainable ways to tackled risks at source, solutions that go beyond simple compliance with legislation and that actively involve the workforce and demonstrate that risk assessment is linked to a broader occupational safety and health policy.
The award winners included a partnership approach from Romania to create a safe and healthy school. The case can be read in the report.
Please click here for: The announcment | The booklet | TV footage of the winners | Photos of the award ceremony (all links leading to the website of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and opening a new browser window)
European Commission to launch campaign on youth health
"be healthy - be yourself"
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The European Commission is about to launch a new campaign to encourage young people to become more proactive in protecting their health.
Health is rarely a top priority for young people. And yet some health problems - related to obesity, alcohol, tobacco and drugs - often start at an early age. So it is important to address young people in an appropriate way. This new initiative offers a website in 22 languages to raise awareness for safety and health - with a competiton and a youth health blog to share experiences and opinions on health matters such as school sports, sex and nutritional education and local health issues. The EU is trying to address these different issues and encourage young people to become active partners in promoting their health.
More information on the website of the European Commission and the website of the Youth Health Initiative.
Towards Better Work and Well-being
International Conference, Helsinki, Finland
| Bild: |
The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH) will hold this international conference from 10–12 February 2010 at the Crowne Plaza at Helsinki, Finland. The aim of the Conference is to provide an opportunity to discuss strategies and tools for the promotion of health and well-being at the workplace as well as their links to productivity. All kinds of OSH experts are invited to attend this conference. This event will give opportunities to learn how different actors in the occupational health and safety field in different countries and regions are currently promoting health and safety at workplaces. It will as well show the latest developments and be a forum for presenting findings and demonstrating methods, tools and approaches on this topic.
Organizing Committee: Professor Harri Vainio (Chair) and Dr. Hannu Anttonen (Co-Chair), both FIOH.
For more information, please visit
Fourth international ISSA seminar "From School to Work"
Call for Papers
| Bild: |
The 4th international seminar "From School to Work" will take place in Lisbon from 1st to 3rd June, 2009. Organized in collaboration with the Portugal’s Authority for Working Conditions (Autoridade para as Condições de Trabalho – ACT ), this event is intended for the professionals, key players and decision makers involved in the area of occupational health and safety, as well as educational and vocational training community. This event is also for companies that implement welcome and support policies helping young people to preserve their health and ensure their safety at work.
The call for papers is now online, the deadline for proposals is March 27, 2009.
New Members in our network
From Germany and The Slovak Republic
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We are happy to welcome a new year 2009, which will hopefully be healthy and successful for all our members, partners and colleagues, as well as two new members of our network: the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention for Engineering and the Metal industry, Germany, and the Institute for Safety and Environmental Engineering at the Faculty of Material Science and Technology in Trnava, which is part of the Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Check our member's area for more information, please.
Hot Topic #6
Risk Assessment
| Bild: |
This is our sixth "Hot Topic" to highlight special issues by presenting a selection of good practice examples. All Hot Topics can be accessed by clicking the menu item on the left side of this page. This one is dealing with "risk assessment"
To prevent accidents and to make worklife more secure, risk assessment and the ability to perceive risks in advance, is of immense importance. There are so many different risks that can be "hidden" in everyday work in the different professions or fields of work, therefore training and education can help workers to see risks of their workfield in advance.
ENSHPO launches new European Certification Standard
European Occupational Safety and Health Manager
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The European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organisations (ENSHPO) launched its new European Certification Standard. EurOSHM (European Occupational Safety and Health Manager) is a voluntary European certification standard for occupational safety and health. It helps to verify the competence of OSH professionals and is particularly relevant for people with professional remits across several European countries.
National Occupational Safety Card Finland
A system of success in OSH
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Bild vergrössern |
In Finland, the National Occupational Safety Card has rapidly become a popular way to complete the basic training in safety and health at shared workplaces. The card was established in 1997. In 2007 the Centre for Occupational Safety started coordinating the Occupational Safety Card related activies. The card has been developed by Finnish industrial enterprises together with social partners, insurance institutions and educational organisations.
AdRisk launch of results
European Association for Injury and Safety Promotion
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Every half an hour a young person dies of a fatal injury in Europe. This adds up to 20,000 young people losing their lives each year. Twice as many young people die of fatal injuries than all other causes of death combined such as cancer and diseases of the circulatory, respiratory and nervous systems. Yet according to the European AdRisk project, much can be done to prevent injuries among 15-24 year olds by understanding and addressing their risk-taking behaviour.
The EC financed AdRisk project, ‘Community Action on Adolescents and Risk- Taking’, now launched a package of materials and information targeted at policy- makers, stakeholders and professionals at both the European and national levels to help save the lives of Europe’s young people.
Newsletter No 6, available in 11 languages
Our Newsletter No. 6 is now available. Please click the portlet on the right side to either download it (in English, German, French, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Finish or Lithuanian) or subscribe to our mailing- list.
EFBWW is a member of our network now! | Bild: |
The European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW) is the European Industry Federation for the construction industry, the building materials industry, the wood and furniture industry and the forestry industry. The EFBWW has 68 affiliated unions in 27 countries and represents a total of 2,350,000 members. The EFBWW is a member organisation of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and has its headquarter in Brussels, the capital of Europe.
New network member
Institute and Outpatient Clinic for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine, Munich
| Bild: |
The institute is part of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. It provides the following services: Ambulant diagnosis for clarification of suspected occupational or environmental diseases, environmental monitoring, counselling of colleagues related to questions in the fields of occupational, environmental or social medicine, preventional examinations according to various German regulations, pre-employment examinations etc.
In cooperation with the Initiative for New Quality at Work (INQA), the project "Full Breath" (Volle Puste) has been initiated. The project is supposed to raise awareness of the role of respiratory and skin diseases when choosing a profession.
web-based learning environment for schools
| Bild: |
Paedimed, coordinated by the University of Heidelberg, is a health promotion project based on a resource oriented salutogenic health concept. By specific measures, individuals shall be enabled to increase their control over their own health status and to improve their health actively. This concept focuses on the resources of individuals and not on risk factors. The aim of paedimed is to develop, implement and evaluate a web-based learning environment for schools. This will focus on the subjects of skin, skin diseases and sexuality, sexually transmittable diseases. Participating countries in the paedimed project are Germany, Italy and Romania.
New project of ISSA: Call for contribution
Training for teachers of vocational schools and instructors
| Bild: |
Reducing the number of work accidents of young workers and job-starters is the aim of a new, common project of four sections of the International Social Security Association (ISSA). The project is looking for new pathways to integrate Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) into initial vocational education systematically. The focus will be on vocational schools, external plant centres and small and medium sized enterprises (SME).
New member of our network
Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA)
| Bild: |
We are proud to announce that the Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA) has joined the ENETOSH network as an associated member.
The Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency (KOSHA) is a public and non-profit industrial accident prevention organization established on December 9, 1987 as a government-funded institute in accordance with the Korea Industrial Safety and Health Agency Act (Law No. 3931). KOSHA seeks to contribute to the growth and development of the national economy by maintaining and improving the safety and health conditions of workplaces and runs, among others, practical training programs for safety and health management, a correspondence training program for supervisors at workplaces, general training programs for supervisors at workplaces and an Occupational Safety Training Institute.
You will find more information on the KOSHA Member's page on this platform and on the KOSHA website.
8th Training & Innovation
Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health
| Bild: |
This conference with 64 participants from 17 countries, organized by the Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance, took place from the 3rd till the 5th of July 2008 at the BGAG, Dresden. This year´s topic was "Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health". The event was carried out in co-operation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work and the Ethno-medical centre Hanover. Here you can find our report, some pictures from the event and the presentations of the participants.
XVIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work
Safety and Health: A Societal Responsibility, June 29 - July 2, 2008, Seoul
| Bild: |
The World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, which is being organised by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA) is the world's largest international event in occupational safety and health.
8th International Congress on Occupational Safety and Health at Work
3rd and 4th of July 2008, Porto
| Bild: |
The 8th International Congress on Occupational Safety and Health at Work will take place on 3rd and 4th of July 2008 in Oporto Congress Center - Edifício da Alfândega, Porto. This year the Congress has a leading subject, the risk assessment and the subject “Healthy and safer workplaces, good for you, good for enterprises”.
“Move Europe”
A campaign by ENWHP
| Bild: |
“Move Europe” is an initiative of the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) – a campaign for the "improvement of lifestyle-related workplace health". In the scope of this project, the ENWHP network aims to persuade European companies and other organisations to invest in programmes to help improve life-style oriented behaviour in Europe. The main focus of the campaign is on four specific topics: smoking prevention, nutrition, physical exercise and mental health. The campaign is planned to run for 3 years and will end in 2009.
Promoting workplace health, and especially the topics covered by the "Move Europe" campaign directly in companies all over Europe, can help bringing these topics to education and training inside these companies as well. There are trainers and teachers related to or working in these companies who can use the campaign to strengthen the role of workplace health. The improvement of life-style oriented behaviours at the workplace has, of course, always been a topic for training and education in occupational health and safety as well.
More information about the initiative here.
Portugese Network | Bild: |
New members within the ENETOSH network! Professor Alredo Soeiro from the University of Porto started to establish a Portugese network of individual members of the ENETOSH network.
In Portugal, there is a large community of teachers and trainers involved in Occupational Safety and Health. Prof. Soeiro is a teacher of Civil Engineering at the University of Porto and has been researching safety in Construction. One of the members of the Protugese network, Dr. Roxo, was Vice-General Inspector of Labour in Portugal and is currently dealing with subjects related with the European matters of OSH. Dr. Freitas, another member, is responsible for OSH in the Portguese telecommunication company and president of APSET - Portugese Association of OSH. The three persons which currently form the Portugese network are a small sample that illustrates the spectrum of OSH activities in this country.
8th Training & Innovation
Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health
| Bild: |
The Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance will be organizing the 8th Training & Innovation from the 3rd till the 5th of July 2008. This year´s topic is Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health. Again the event will be carried out in co-operation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. Conference languages will be English and German. Speeches, workshops and conclusions that will be carried out in the conference hall, will be translated simultaneously.
The English version of the programme can be viewed and downloaded here. Please click here for the German version.
The registration form in English is available here, the German version here. All documents come in PDF file format and will be opened in a new browser window.
For more information on the 8th Training & Innovation, please click here.
The young workers report of the Risk Observatory
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
| Bild: |
This publication seeks to review in depth what risks young workers are exposed to at work and what the consequences of these exposures are, in both the short term and the long term for young workers. The full publication can be dowloaded as PDF file on the web site of the Agency or be ordered as a printed copy.
International Noise Awareness Day
16th April, 2008
| Bild: |
Today is the 13th International Noise Awareness Day. This day is supposed to put a worldwide focus on a very important topic in Occupational Safety and Health. Not only in daily life - loud music or traffic noise -, but especially at work, noise and the awareness of noise-related dangers are of high importance. This is where education and training can help reducing health risks caused by noise at work. This subject has always been one of the main focuses of ENETOSH.
Hot Topic #5
Healthy Children
| Bild: |
Our fifth "Hot Topic" is "Healthy Children". Children are our future - and their health and their awareness of healthy behaviour and of health-related dangers are very important! A couple of projects, campaigns and courses all over Europe deal with this topic, so please have a look at our selection of good practice examples!
Call for Contributions
8th Training & Innovation
| Bild: |
The Institute Work and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance will be organizing the 8th Training & Innovation from the 3rd till the 5th of July 2008.
This year´s topic is "Intercultural Dialogue in Work and Health". Again, the event will be carried out in cooperation with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. It is also a contribution to the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue.
epitome project entering pilot phase | Bild: |
The "epitome"- project (eLearning Promoting the Integration of Migrant Workers) is a two year Leonardo da Vinci pilot project in operation from October 2006 to September 2008 involving six Member States – The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Latvia, Poland and the UK. This project addresses issues around the training of lower skilled actual and potential migrant workers in the hospitality and food and drink manufacturing sectors to ensure all employees are fully integrated into the workplace especially in terms of work and cultural practices. The project now enters the pilot phase, which means the project outcome (e-learning content) is ready to be tested. The national partners therefore are looking for enterprises to join this process.
Companies which are interested in joining the project are requested to contact Dr. Noemí Fernández Sánchez, RKW Kompetenzzentrum, Germany, email:
Interview with Kristiina Volmari
HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland
| Bild: |
In our second interview with OSH experts, we had the possibility to ask some questions to Kristiina Volmari, who is development manager at HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Vocational Teacher Education Unit in Finland. Mrs. Volmari presented Cedefop and the project Defining VET professions in the scope of the 7th Training & Innovation in July 2007 at Dresden. She told us her opinion about a common framework for teachers and trainers.
International Conference Prague
OSH Education and Training in the changing world of work
| Bild: |
From 28th to 29th February, 2008, an international conference will take place at the Czech Union of Scientific and Technical Society, Prague. This conference is aimed at OSH specialists and managers of all levels, employees' representatives for OSH problems and any other interested parties who are aware that OSH education and training is one of very important components of the OSH prevention in companies and state administration. The participating experts will discuss aspects of OSH Education and Training in the changing world of work.
ENETOSH Standard ready!
The partners of the ENETOSH project, funded by the EU-programme LEONARDO DA VINCI, developed jointly the ENETOSH standard of competence for instructors and trainers in safety and health. The development was carried out on the basis of the European Qualification Framework (EQF).