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The appointment of Health and Safety teachers at Secondary level has almost attained the required number. In fact there are now 47 Health and Safety teachers. All this has facilitated the organisation of a structured Health and Safety programme in State Schools.
Apart from teaching Years 4; 5; and 6 in the primary sector, the peripatetic H&S teachers laid emphasis on the upgrading of fire-fighting equipment and fire alarm systems. Evacuation drills were planned and carried out in all schools in Malta and Gozo. Now we are working on an educational programme on basic hygiene (with particular reference to AH1N1) which is being delivered in all primary schools during the first weeks of this scholastic year.
In the Secondary and Post Secondary sector activities include safety audits, upgrading of fire-fighting facilities and fire alarm systems. Safety weeks, talks by the Malta Red Cross Society and seminars are also organised. Evacuation drills are planned and carried out.
The ongoing education of Health and Safety teachers are also seen to, through regular Staff Development courses and on site visits.


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