University Ss Cyril and Methodius
Medical Faculty, Skopje
Mission and vision of the Medical Faculty are:
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1. To enroll students from diverse cultures that possess the individual qualities and academic skills that will enable them to establish a successful career in the fields of medicine and health care.
2. To educate students who, upon graduation, show:
• An understanding of basic and clinical medical sciences and the ability to resolve problems, which are prerequisites for providing adequate health care;
• An understanding of the social and humanitarian sciences necessary for enhancement of knowledge and achieving professionalism;
• The communication skills/competences necessary for building relationships with patients and other health professionals;
• The ability to critically analyze and understand the medical literature for the creation and application of medical knowledge, in order to determine the cost-benefit ratio in applying diagnostic and therapeutic modalities;
• A commitment to life-long learning and expansion of knowledge, thereby developing the capacity for individual learning;
• An understanding of the role of prevention in providing health care;
• Professional qualities, such as integrity, empathy, seriousness, responsibility, enthusiasm, and commitment to the profession, aimed at creating an academic citizen who will achieve a successful career in the field of medicine;
• Proper behavior and respect for all Faculty rules;
• High ethical standards and continual enhancement of their knowledge and skills for the benefit of society.
3. To establish relationships with other faculties, universities and institutions in the country and abroad in order to improve the quality and performance of the Faculty.
4. To establish educational policies based on autonomy, standards, accreditation and self-evaluation.

Contact Information
University Ss Cyril and Methodius, Skopje
Medical Faculty
50 Divizija 6
1000 Skopje
FYR Macedonia

Nikola Jankulovski, Dean

Prof. Elisaveta Stikova
ul.11 Oktomvri br.18/26
1000, Skopje
FYR Macedonia

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